andrew guenther
ANDREW GUENTHER, ‘Untited’, Acrylic on board, 9 x 7 in. 2010

opened Thurs March 25/6-8 PM
show runs MARCH 25 – MAY 1, 2010
FREIGHT + VOLUME – 542 WEST 24th ST. – Chelsea – NYC

the opening was really fun. got lots of nice pix of Andrew and Tiffany and their little baby girl – 5 mo. old EASTER LILY !!
it wasn’t just a show of works on paper – Andrew had a little desk in there as well, with a chair and some objects and some paper and crayons – so it was also a small corner to be interactive in and expressive in – for all comers !!
in the midst of a fraying world – a moment to think and draw – as you gazed and considered, related to Andrew’s thoughts and images.
very poignant.
very touching. very real.
what can I say, I’ve known Andrew for a pretty long time now, ever since he was the lowly ‘go-fer’ at DANNY SILVERSTEIN’S, pre yr. 2000.
way back when Simon, who was then the gallery’s director – finally convinced Danny to give Andrew a shot.

Andrew # 1

andrew # 2
soon after comes new baby – EASTER LILY – with mom TIFFANY on the right. Easter Lily was born Nov 10, 2009.
holding her is family friend REBECA RANEY.

Andrew # 3
little EASTER LILY, not all that comfortable with her close-up !! she is beautiful.

Andrew # 4
putting some finishing touches, actually adding a copy of the small book FREIGHT+VOLUME published for the show,
to the ‘drawing’ table.

andrew # 5

Andrew # 6

Andrew # 7
the table was covered with a sheet of paper to draw on. that’s a ‘white noise’ machine on the right, from Target I think.
I think they use it to help put Easter Lily to sleep.

andrew # 8
the artworks were small in scale and looked like this – on the wall in the small back alcove.

andrew # 9
ANDREW GUENTHER, ‘A Kind of Science’, Pencil on paper. 2009. 12 x 9 in. ($1,400.)

Andrew # 10
ANDREW GUENTHER, ‘Untitled’, Colored pencil on paper. 2009. 12 x 9 in. ($1,500.)

Andrew # 11
ANDREW GUENTHER, ‘The Painter’. Squid ink on paper. 2008. 8 x 6 in. ($1,100.)

Andrew # 12
ANDREW GUENTHER, ‘Untitled’, Watercolor and ink on paper. 2009. 6 x 4 in. ($850.)

andrew # 15
ANDREW GUENTHER, ‘Whale, Provincetown’. Ink and acrylic on photo. 2008. 11 x 14 in.

andrew # 17
the low-fi limited edition artist book – FREIGHT+VOLUME produced with Andrew – for the show.
titled: ‘Hotdog in a Banana Costume’ – it is dedicated to Easter Lily.

andrew # 18

andrew # 19

andrew # 20
QUIET ?????

andrew # 21
guests at the drawing table.

andrew # 22

andrew # 23
can that be –

andrew # 24
she’s also known Andrew since way back, when dad Simon worked at the DANIEL SILVERSTEIN GALLERY.

andrew # 25
she has her own fave pages – in his small book.

andrew # 26
“Cool! Gets! You! Dead!”

andrew # 27
ANDREW GUENTHER & ole buddy from way back, too – MATTHEW DAY JACKSON.

andrew # 28
another ole buddy – from the Silverstein days – JOHN NEWSOM – who had just bought this piece.
John was later to tell us – he had just caught WE LIVE IN PUBLIC – the JOSH HARRIS story – on MOVIES ON DEMAND on TV – and, that, he thought it was: “brilliant”.

andrew # 29
KEVIN KAY, the new FREIGHT+VOLUME managing director.
A working artist who pursues many mediums, he is especially active in video and photography, and especially in Polaroid format . .
He was thrilled to bring us up to date on Polaroid’s ‘re-launch’ and recommends this site: Polanoid.net !!.

andrew # 30
meanwhile – the drawing table Andrew had provided – had begun to fill up.

andrew # 31
and we left wondering – was that bee – the work of TAYLOR McKIMENS, sighted at the gallery, with TOMOO ?