. . why does mindless rampage killing of young college students in Virginia turn our thoughts to graphic design ? check out the following posts, and you’ll see why, . . in a heartbeat.
. . . starting with a nod to our own NYC college art students, thru a couple of card/invites and finally some (very) sweet, (very) new record & CD artwork. and one very fresh and (quietly) radiant SPACE 1026 installation in Brooklyn.

first up: a lot of young graphic design artist/undergrad students at SVA are intrigued by this site, called –

yokoland, out of Norway – its the work of 2 young graphic designers in Norway.
the above image is the 1st page, actually the cover, of an animated portfolio ‘book’ that opens up to show their designs, and which is featured on their homepage:


young art students now make ‘books’ of their artwork, that they can easily stick under their arms and carry around, pretty much following in the Japanese tradition, rather than the old school – large portfolios & those god awful slides, of yore . . . this website gets the yokoland portfolio book/look – GLOBAL ! in a very lighthanded and lighthearted way.

the young SVA graphic design student who sent recommended the site, wrote:

“Hey check out this website.
It is the website of these 2 young graphic designers in Norway, their work is really
great yet they have a very undesigned website on purpose. just like artlovers !!
Look under latest projects and archive and check out some of their work.”

inspiration. enlightment. art. talent. thought. beauty will out. students rule. don’t draw your guns, draw your art. let light reign, not grief and sorrow for so many young sons & daughters of some very devestated parents tonight. . . America – what up ?

. . . “as we go up we go down . .” – yokoland.