~JASON OSBOURNE . . aka @offwhite columns / Instagram

Off-White Columns . . . !!

getting back to . . . alternative spaces / micro-brewed !!

sometimes, all it takes is a little wit, a good eye, and . . Instagram !!

@offwhitecolumns: @offwhitecolumns is extra pleased to present @ryanrusso19 (RYAN RUSSO / BROOKLYN) in ‘Big Trouble in Little China II’.
VHS tape transfer and acrylic on canvas.
20 x 25 in.

here’s a guy . . who runs a ‘viewing’ gallery, hung on the standard-issue, NYC office building white column, opposite his day-job work desk, (at Phillips Auction house, btw) !!
and it’s only happening . . on Instagram.

@offwhitecolumns: @jryan (JACK RYAN) on the column in ‘off-white science’ until April 9th. Hyped and excited!
oil on canvas
24 x 20 in.

artist-gallerist-curator, JASON OSBOURNE . . aka @offwhitecolumns,
only started publishing the ‘gallery’ a few months ago / Jan 2, 2018 was the inaugural exhibit.

what sets him apart** . . is his dry humor / great clean, cold, poetry-in-motion ‘eyeball’, & his cutting-edge dip into the new pool of new wave, new gen artists coming to the city, like they alway do every year. wave upon wave. being an artist himself, and also just naturally mingling in the art community, also helps give him an edge, but his edge is . . well curated.
no doubt about it.

so, he’s also ‘generous’, as in, taking of his time & ingenuity . . to platform & make a case for other talented artists, for other voices, and in so doing, just by virtue of his all-around-smarts & IG . . to be able to grab some fiercely-held critical, & attention-savvy territory for his ‘friends’.
he’s also making . . a new scene.
tell me about it !!!
new gen !!!

**apart from the fact that the name, is a great riff, on that old school new artists platform, big old clunky white box, White Columns. (no diss-respect).

@offwhitecolumns: @jyryan Jack Ryan’s paintings have a comforting bleakness.They remind us we are awarded the experience of witnessing what we are losing (happy Friday). It’s been a pleasure to hang out with this work. They remind me of the writing of W. G. Sebald. On the column through the weekend!
Thanks Jack!

I can also relate to this fellow, dedicated art viewer, in that even a shift measured by mere millimeters, makes a big difference, photography-wise / makes a whole new way of seeing things, open up.
and, to his writing, too.

sometimes all you really need, to know it’s good art – is how it opens up a hole in your head, and the poetry . . just spills out.

blood, guts, gore & gush.


Jack, I’m wondering if you will give yourself / a shout-out one day, too ?
though I am struck by your poem . . ‘HOW TO QUIT PAINTING’ !!
& the cornbread recipe, looks good too.

all images via Instagram @offwhitecolumns
except the last little one – is from JASON OSBOURNE WEBSITE