~JACK HANLEY SIGNS NYC LEASE/psychedelic posters

SIMON CERIGO reports – JACK HANLEY has signed the lease for a New York City location, down in TRIBECA.

Legendary West Coast dealer, JACK HANLEY, with galleries in SAN FRANCISCO and LA, has just signed a lease for a ground floor, downtown location, on WATTS STREET between GREENWICH and WASHINGTON STREETS, right across from CAPSUTO FRERES, the famous Tribeca restaurant.

The renovations start next week and the gallery is scheduled to open in time for the upcoming FALL 2007 season.

Simon also says that JACK HANLEY has a close relationship with GAVIN BROWN, as evidenced by that great Gavin Brown enterprise show, last summer (2006) – of Jack’s personal collection of psychedelic posters from the 60’s, which received widespread popular and critical acclaim.

And, one of the reasons factoring into the new gallery location, might be Hanley’s desire to be in the GBE neighboorhood.

an archival GRATEFUL DEAD poster, exhibited in: ‘The Essential Selection: An Anthology of Posters from the Psychedelic Era in San Francisco 1966-71 from the Collection of Jack Hanley’, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Summer 2006
Photo: Nancy Smith July 19, 2006

Simon chose to post a photo of this particular poster, (from the GBE show), for it’s skull imagery, made so prominent this season by DAMIEN HIRST. This early Grateful Dead poster, according to the exhibit’s original press release, was the “first” SF poster/card that young musician Hanley encounters, and which presumably set him on his future visual, as opposed to musical, journeys. ..

more pix of the posters can be found in the artlovers photo report: JUNE/JULY 2006

the photos are accompanied by selected quotes from the memorable press release JACK HANLEY wrote for the show. the JACK HANLEY penned text, accompanying this Grateful Dead poster photo on artlovers was:
…”At night we would usually smoke weed and play music. I had played in bands for a year or two by then, and most shows were advertised with crudely hand drawn flyers, sometimes mimicking early 60’s surf posters or comics or boxing posters so this first SF poster/card was mind-blowing” – Jack Hanley, 2006