psychedelic screaming . . . into the dark.

both follow realist, naturalist photography, which they have respectively enhanced with either paint or theater, & based around their own IRL body / into a hyper visual, if not outright . . fevered nightmare / of . . our collective earthly reality.

we actually have a really nice – creative sync-up / going on right now . .
between the East Coast USA, & the West Coast USA !!
how fun !!
some random meeting of the minds / resulting in some very, very beautiful bi-coastal art world harmony . .
not to mention, a challenging dialog.
each artist showcasing, in his resolute own way / absolutely brilliant, original & dynamic / staged color photographs / meets future natural world narrative. wake up world !!
Cindy Sherman, not. not anywhere near so cloying, so relentlessly self-centered.
but, maybe just better. and, just what just what we need:
a next gen / new wave . . shout-out to a world, the only one we have, ultra deep space telescopes and all, and which the head of the U.N. / United Nations says: “is on suicidal climate path.”
ya think ?

we have BENNY MERRIS on the East Coast, thrusting photos of almost sly, ‘decoy’ images of his (mostly) wildly painted arms & hands / camouflaged into or popping up / against various seasonal natural scenarios / at the big summer group show: ‘Painting As Is II’, NATHALIE KARG GALLERY, thru Aug 26, and which was curated by TIM WILSON & HEIDI HAHN /
and, in a one person show, ‘BENNY MERRIS: flash!’, at HEROES GALLERY, also downtown, and running thru AUG 6.

while, on the West Coast, in San Francisco . . we have: the equally screaming, realist almost ‘bad dream’ photos of IGGY CAPRA, which also incorporate his own body, swathed in very poignant, almost psychedelic theatricality, emitting a blunt, almost kabuki-like scream . . for help.
‘HELLO: this world. your world / S.O.S. please send help !!’

I mean, wouldn’t it have been super funny . . if that James Webb telescope had sent back some hyper-color, deep space photos, of some little alien, maybe even a Star Wars intergalactic bar patron, or .. what about a classic primal biblical character in flowing robes, and a long beard . . holding up a sign that said: “morons go back, and focus on your own planet.”

JULY 23 – SEPT 3, 2022
ET AL GALLERY, 620 Kearny St., San Francisco, CA

or: ‘The Scream’, that everyone knows – but nobody . . listens to ?!!