~Tom Eccles/Bard College/Mariko Mori


wave UFO

TOM ECCLES, long time Director of the Public Art Fund,
is leaving his post there to become the Executive Director
of the Center for Curatorial Studies at BARD COLLEGE, FALL 2005.

Tom is pictured above with MARIKO MORI, at the opening reception
for the Public Art Fund presentation of her WAVE UFO.
A huge, essentially lifesize, beautifully constructed & surfaced
spaceship, it was placed in the garden of the IBM atrium in May 2003.
It could seat 2, and visitors were allowed to enter it and experience a
brief simulated ride.
The entrance way is pictured above.

TOP: left, MARIKO MORI, right , TOM ECCLES, Director of the Public Art Fund
at the time, at the opening reception for: Mariko Mori’s WAVE UFO Installation,
presented by the Public Art Fund, IBM Atrium, May 7th, 2003
BOTTOM: The WAVE UFO, MARIKO MORI, the Public Art Fund,
IBM Atrium, May 7, 2003
Photos by: Nancy Smith

(this posting originally appeared in a briefer format on the artloversnewyork
home page on May 15, 2005)