~’HOT MUD FEST’ . . JESSE GREENBERG, in the farmhouse

JULY 23, 2017 / art work on view thru AUG 13, 2017.

more info, artists & open to the public / viewing hrs:JAG PROJECTS

is sculptor JESSE GREENBERG’S artist-run, open-project venture, with ‘Hot Mud Fest’ being it’s very first & very promising production.
and . . in this case, summertime fun, ‘en plein air’ – to boot.

like his previous indie gallery, ‘247365’, these are visionary venue/platforms, which function for the most part . . as showcases for other people’s work. initiated by a big dream, driven by even bigger inner creative forces, & maybe egos, and most def run on inversely, very innovative, as in ‘creative’ / but very much shoe-string (!!) budgets, Jesse’s off-the-mainstream ‘fierce’ & indie effort, like the many other indie underground ventures, this ‘blog’ chronicles / the end result is serendipity.
a very diverse, open-ended / and absolutely cutting edge art experience . .
& one which has almost totally disappeared from the mainstream / big budget / all business gallery system, esp here in NYC.

the scene here, would be dead without . . this underground vibe.
poking its head up against all the odds, esp financial, in high budget NYC.
there is no doubt about it.
the mainstream art world in NYC, except for the periodic bursts of museum-driven historical gems . . . right now, is stultifying. moribund. and gawd, what a bunch of posers & losers. don’t get me started.

JESSE GREENBERG’s projects in particular, stand out . .
not only for the cutting-edge curatorial vision, but for the projects are presented overall, with such great visual flair, top level graphic design & . . wide ranging artist collaboration.
It’s pretty clear by now, that his ‘curatorial’ serial / indie ‘outbursts’ / whether stationary viewing, or now a ‘flexive’ program, are driven by a lot of very raw inspiration, and plain ole . . hard work.


it’s so easy to forget, when an artist takes on the seriously hassled & self-proclaimed role . . of ‘running’ an indie gallery, producing a blink-or-miss it ‘pop-up’, throwing up a ‘screening’, or even hitting out a ‘blog’ such as this one . .
that there is one very determined artist before you / who, besides expressing his cup-runneth-over comprehension of the art dialog in the moment . . is basically ‘taking a bullet’ for his ‘dreams’ and ‘friends’, to do this.
because more often than not – his own status as a working artist gets lost in the mix.

and, yeah artlovers . . is most certainly an artist-run lol, and . . cutthroat indie !!
no reporter here. no critic here.

damn it. labels, of any kind – are bad.

but for sure, we should never forget these are ‘working’ artists themselves, who are driving the scene right now, and we are given an extra / bonus ‘narrative’ – anytime they include their own work.
not only are they are shining a light on . . the collective ‘dialog’ they got ‘running’ with the other artists in this teeming with ‘creatives’ city / but, we get to see, up close and personal, the ‘heart and soul’ – of what makes these indie start-up adventurists ‘tick’/ & what keeps them . . so real, and so good.

so, FYI
besides the colorful & luminous, contemporary ‘totem’ stake Jesse ‘planted’ on the grounds, already documented on this site, he also had 2 very intense pieces in the . . farmhouse.

JESSE GREENBERG, 2 fabricated / photo-realist ‘objects’ . . on a vintage & classic Americana farmhouse table.
now, if that old farm table display, backed by an authentic old timer rural window . . isn’t awesome. and most CURIOUS, and a great ‘twin’ to dialog with the nearby table of CHRISTINA BOLT’s equally CURIOUS ceramic free-form vases, than I don’t know – what is.
as much as Christina’s vases are free-form, these ‘relics’ aspire to .. realism.

looks to be over-size salmon sushi . . !! in a strange bento-box ?
it’s so weird. but it’s also so photo-realist, and nature / bio-connected.
I can’t be the only one ??
picking up on a new ‘thread’ of photo-realism / that’s running it’s mad hatter way . . wily nily through the underground, at the moment.

in fact, you could even go so far as to say, the entire ‘set’ of ‘Hot Mud Fest’, was on e big realist . . par-tay.

crystal / or slice of typography ???????
whatever . . works for me.
it’s kind of like, the imagination is a train running full speed ahead / into realism.
the specifics, don’t really matter – it’s the ride / that’s the . . r-u-s-h !!

that’s the JESSE GREENBERG display on the left, on the right a glimpse of the CHRISTINA BOLT offering.
that’s most likely the original dining room, of the old farmhouse.
history vs fiction in a . . BOBO / JAG momento.