also making a big buzz, this summer . . . EVIE FALCI !!

EVIE FALCI – the rhinestone princess, I’m tempted to say, goddess – whatever !!

though funnie . . about BRENDAN MONROE at LITTLE CAKES, and EVIE FALCI at CAKE SHOP !!
the BIG APPLE must have a . . sweet tooth.

the poster invite for EVIE FALCI’S first solo show in NYC, at the music venue, CAKE SHOP – on the Lower East Side, NYC.
the show ran Jan 10 – 28, 2008.

now, – if that isn’t COSMIC – I don’t know . . what is !!

a very young EVIE FALCI . . at the opening.
yep, for sure. definite had her pegged for success, too.

EVIE FALCI, colored bead ‘mosaic’. she even showed some early compositions of her now signature, intricate, colored bead . . ‘mandelas’.
very tantric – to behold, indeed !!
and soooooo cutting edge, even now.
esp vs falling, sloppy seconds, wall-to-wall watermelon slices. ugh.
L.A. come on – give us a break. if, not a real !! . . break-dance !!

now, don’t get me wrong !!
I totally love, love, love her multi-colored pieces, but I esp love this black and white study, she showed at the time – mostly because of how . . well, ghostly – it is !!
but also because it looks like some crazy luminous tantric . . crochet !!
and yes, it’s made from craft ‘google’ – eyes.
if anybody can use simple craft ‘supplies’, and totally transform, and TRANSCEND their every-day DIY – it’s EVIE !!

EVIE FALCI, glow-in-the-dark, google eye, EYEBALL !!
on shaped canvas . . 14 x 12 in.

yep, I did manage to score a small piece from the show – and, I adore it.
because it transcends it’s ‘arts & crafts’ heritage, and because it is GLOW-IN-THE-DARK, and because it’s an . . . EYEBALL !!
eyeball, c’est . . . moi !!

see: EVIE FALCI – CAKE SHOP, JAN 28, 2008


EVIE runs a fab portfolio/archive website, which also includes installation shots – from her recent gallery shows.
this one is from her exhibit – at JEFF BAILEY GALLERY, NYC.


it also includes close-ups . . of the ‘rhinestones’ – at play.
DAN COLEN, ‘bubble-gum’ – move, over !!


and where you can find her newest work.
damn, do I love love love this, or what !!
kind-of a structured waterfall . . gorgeous !!
kind of a D.I.Y. – STELLA !!

kind-of a thinking person’s . . material ‘transcendence’.
abstract color-field, has never looked so good – since ERIK den BREE JEN, blew me away, and sill – does !!

I love ‘structure’ that has plastic ‘narrative’. and variance.
I love structure, that implodes . . . the i-m-a-g-i-n-a-t-i–on.

what can I say, I love ‘higher’ composition . . in my art.
art that sings – and then, runs – for it !!

in case you missed the link: EVIE FALCCI – website, go there !!
a great summer – breeze / browse !!

pss: w-a-t-e–r-m-e-l-o-n . . . alert.

okay, okay. lighten up !!
I guess it takes all kinds, if only to contrast the full spectrum !!
so, yeah put Evie to work on an exterior wall mural, too !! L.A. Venus.
but, the buildings got to be . . side-by-side.
falling sloppy melons vs tantric water fall.

Karma, what a Bitch.

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