~oh yeah, MR. MOJO ?

oh yeah I forgot – there was one more 2010 NEW YEAR’S – d-i-r-t-y ditty:

eanie meanie miney – boredom
no one I know – reads ARTFORUM

DEDICATED TO THE LOSERS at CANADA – I can’t think of a better bunch of nitwits & has-beens – to lose the mojo wars over Joe Bradley.
big gallery eat up – little gallery. shark bite NYC style – gobble gobble, yum. losers.

who knows – maybe one one day: MOJO can rhyme with GOGO.

if you a need a translation – here’s the nano version:

yep. those are all my pix, not to mention commentary – up there on the web universe promoting Joe Bradley.
I had pix of him up – way before Canada jumped on the bandwagon to exploit the free press. not to mention top-of-the-line talent scouting. top 1% knock-down, baby. artlovers style.

of course, Canada made off like a bandit – and what did they do – with their new found booty, why – take out $2000 ads in ART FORUM.

let’s not even get into – we don’t pay for press – but we pay ARTFORUM through the the teeth to post an image.
and then surprise – we get a review.

artlovers doesn’t have too many rules – anarchy rules – but that slimy action at Canada prompted the only hard and fast rule around here.

simply put, it goes:
we build you up – jump start ya – and the first thing you do when you finally score some dough – is turn around and take out ads on ARTFORUM – we walk, and we never come back – except to haunt ya. and take you down.

what ? you didn’t know the art world in NYC – was a blood sport / where are ya – even Philly knows that.

yeah that’s damn straight: if instead of shooting a little bit of dough – not to mention respect – back at us – for the lift-off and to go forward – you take out an ad on ARTFORUM – you are kicked off artlovers – for good. a lot of galleries in this two-bit town hit this sorry note – I’m sorry to say. besides Canada.
look at all the losers on 27th St. – if there are even – any left ? for them, the last just-barely-breathing survivors of this decade’s (initially) bright new wave, and it’s subsequent collapse – aka the great art world wipe-out of 2008, and to which I am proud to have contributed – at both ends of the action – going up and then coming down – damn straight. I hear tell – the clock is ticking. sad and loud.
hello Korea. Korean no-name generic pop art – taking up the rental slack. ugh. a fate worse than death. you walk in and the sales girls, yes plural. approach you like airline stewardess – in heat.

yep. 2011- it’s the season of ‘eating bitter’ – how do I know ? I read it in the NEW YORK TIMES !!

yep – that’s JOE BRADLEY, a young Joe Bradley on the left. with his band CHEESEBURGER. NYC, JULY 24, 2003
what a diff 7 years make. and to think – I think I’m getting old. I’m just getting gold-en. archive-wise.
Joe’s nom de band ? – MALIBU VON !! he was the frontman and singer. sometime he even wore little tights. I think he could fit into girls’ ones – at that time. I’ll try and find a photo – for another rainy day. and yep. I miss Eunice Kim, his ex.
now there is talent. she went to harvest medical weed in California one year – you make a whole pile of dough in a short time and have a party while you’re doing it – and never came back. rumor on the street is: she took up with a young surfer dude – and never looked back. good bye Joe.

also at the downtown event – on the left, EMMA GRAY, who was at that time U.S. Features Editor at ART REVIEW. beside her, EMILY BUTLER, at that time Marketing Director, ART REVIEW. I was working for Emma at the time – doing the Downtown Party Pix (NYC) for ART REVIEW.
just so you don’t think Walter Robinson is the only (insecure) dick, I mean schmoo – in the art world – society photog PATRICK McMULLAN who was doing their Uptown Party Pix page – told them – that if they continued to have me on board – even though our paths never crossed – they couldn’t have his stuff – so in effect he got me fired. so that was the second time I was fired from an art mag gig – for being “too successful.”
but, unlike art net – that was actually painful – as they paid !! and well. and it was my only friggin’ check at the time.
when Walter fired you – it was from a job – that didn’t pay – so, go figure.
and hurrah for MARSHALL McLUHAN and the power of the independent publisher media medium of the web – cause here I am – still laughing at ya. leaving you light years behind – in the dust. the both of ya. ROAD RUNNER, ya. TRON speed.

EMMA GRAY eventually got fed up too, and re-located to L.A. – where she has just opened up her own gallery space:

also on hand: CHARLIE FINCH – looking good !! schmoozing up the broads.

CHARLIE FINCH – the scribe – scribbles.
and yeah – to the BB/BULLET BRAIN jerk whose artwork is in the background – pay up your outstanding debt, already – for work done, and well done, I might add – don’t see your name surfacing any place else dude. and I will start crediting your work, again . . . when it pops up.
I’ll take one of these if you want . . . .

hey, art world web site looking for a bill collector. must know martial arts.