~FRANK SANTORO/New Mutants/Wipe That Clock Off Your Face

Frank Santoro # 2
FRANK SANTORO at the ‘New Mutants’ after party, CANADA, Chinatown,
June 22, 2007
PHOTO: Nancy Smith

FRANK SANTORO finally comes in from the shadows with this show.
he has some beautiful, light handed ink drawings on display.

Frank # 1

Frank # 2

Frank # 3

PHOTOS: Nancy Smith, FRANK SANTORO ink drawings on paper,
‘New Mutants’, curated by DAN NADEL, CANADA
June 22, 2007

more pix from the opening & after party

we also found it interesting to note that FRANK SANTORO is given a ‘WISDOM’ credit on the back page/credits of ‘Wipe That Clock Off Your Face’, by BRIAN BELOTT,
PictureBox,Inc publishers.


PictureBox, Inc