Matt Reilly-japanther

Ian Vanek-japanther

MATT REILLY (top) and IAN VANEK are JAPANTHER … outrageously talented & over-the-top performers, JAPANTHER served up a knock-them-out dead performance at the afterparty for the book launch of CHARWEI TSAI’S ‘LOVELY DAZE’, which was held at a tiny dive, ICU Bar, on the fringe of NYC civilization, an almost bleak stretch that still exists for a few streets, where the boundaries of the West Village and Chelsea haven’t yet hooked up in glorified gentrification. Seeing this band in that locale was the kind of artworld moment we all live for…. its down in the photo report captions that links at the bottom, but it’s not redundant to say it again: for all of you who came to New York – to seek out firsthand live band experiences that left you in a state of shock & awe – I have just one word for you – JAPANTHER, JAPANTHER, JAPANTHER – the next time you see or hear that word – you just jump & run & get there.

more JAPANTHER photos from ICU, NYC, Oct 22, 2005

Photos: MATT REILLY, top, and IAN VANEK, bottom, who are the NYC band JAPANTHER, in performance for the Charwei Tsai, ‘LOVELY DAZE’ art quarterly afterparty, at ICU BAR, on the fringe of the West Village, NYC, Oct 22, 2005
Photos: Nancy Smith