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. . . if you’re in JAPAN, you can catch the last weekend of:
‘Blood Bath & Beyond’, starring CHRISTIAN HOLSTAD, RYAN SCHAEFER, and
APRIL 13 – MAY 12, 2007

. . and while you’re there, send us some digital pix, better yet, use your cellphone . . . we’re dying to see work from a show with this kind of upbeat title – esp. Christian’s work – seems, Hiromi doesn’t believe in posting images on his website.

(image: courtesy HIROMI YOSHII website – it’s the only one posted for the show – it seems to be the poster for the show – perhaps by Christian Holstad himself ? there’s no accreditation for the image – pretty funny for a gallery that’s so protective of its intellectual property!)

UP-DATE: MAY 15, 2007

CHRISTIAN HOLSTAD was kind enough to clue us in . . .

he says .. ” the exhibition is a collaboration with CLAUDE WAMPLER and RYAN SCHAEFER.
its a fairly complicated show. an installation in which the viewer enters into a refrigerator
door in a butter colored waiting room. they are met by their guide who takes them through
the maze of rooms. the show’s theme is our mutual feelings of horror in regards to
contemporary culture and what contemporary culture finds horrifying.
Jennifer Anniston meets a disorder called B.I.I.D.
this is it in a nutshell.
the second part of the show is a video bus tour to a traditional Japanese house in
Kamakura. this takes place at the ending of the show.”

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chainsaw # 2

Chainsaw # 3

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Chainsaw # 5


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