~ALFREDO MARTINEZ . . rollin’ in dough & making a short movie !!

SHOW ME THE . . . MONEY !!!!

did I call it right, or what ?!!

no matter . . the legal ‘controversy’ over his Chelsea / 24th St. & 6th Ave digs,
and he’s back in there, albeit with a full-time lawyer on retainer !!

as soon as I saw – he was ordering big gun parts, I knew !!
he had to have some $$$$$ up his . . little ole ‘real fake’ sleeve.

ALFREDO MARTINEZ, in the money,
and holding court . . at the Malibu Diner !!

he’s been selling his work, hand-over-fist, so fast . . there’s a waiting list.
he just sold the last piece he had left, this one – the night before / $10,000.
cold, hard cash.
he’s mostly selling to Japanese collectors, and apparently they like to pay . . all cash !!
so much so, that he had to go out, and buy a heavy-duty safe for his Chelsea H.Q. – the kind that bolts to the floor from inside !!

ALFREDO MARTINEZ, ‘Broomhandle Mouser’, 2016.
industrial oil paint on cardboard, 6 ft. x 9 ft. 3 in.

the latest ALFREDO MARTINEZ fan club, circa summer 2018.
from left . . KANAKO SAKAI, Alfredo, and Alfredo’s new assistant . . YURIKA SHIROYAMA.
(Eureka ?!!!!)

YURIKA, who is an artist, writer and curator in her own right – currently works at Plus 81 Gallery on Elizabeth St. in Chinatown / she really helped propel ‘hometeam Alfie’, when Alfredo hired her to write-up in Japanese, his background / bios and & CV etc for the Japanese collectors, which has in turn lead to some big shows coming up in Japan, in fact . . TOKYO !!

JESSE SHARER aka Tokyowashere.com / a big American / contemporary art curator, with a killer website, btw !!
is now located over there, and is looking for a space for a big, one person show . .

Alfredo also has a 2 person show / lined up & locked in – in Tokyo, with other contacts / for FEB 2018.

side note: ALFREDO met Yurika Shiroyama through JIM JARMUSCH.

ALFREDO has so much dough . .
that he just last week hired TOM JARMUSCH, the almost-famous bro of JIM JARMUSCH, an independent short film & documentary filmmaker, based in the East Village for decades / along with Tom’s newest collaborator . . MEGHAN MILLER,
to create a short film custom-made for Alfredo, which they will all on work on together, and which will utilize Alfredo’s gun props . . . as the backbone of the story / the narrative of which, will most probably skew . . . ‘dystopian’.
and, which will star . . a beautiful, kick-ass chick, of course !!

above: TOM JARMUSCH, MEGHAN MILLER watch as Alfredo clues them in on . . . ‘real/fake’ prop guns.

side note:
TOM JARMUSCH did make an earlier short film, called ‘Alfredo’, a while back – that gained some traction, and a few prizes . . but you might know him better for the video collaborations, he made with DAN ASHER.

some of Alfredo’s newly ordered, customized or other-wise assembled, gun ‘props’.
and, whose in-coming UPS packages freaked out his 24th St. neighbors (!!).

JULIA MORRISON, aka JELLY, JELLY MORRISON is going to be . . the star.
aka the ‘gun-toting’ kick-ass chick /
he’s already got her signed up . . for professional ‘combat’ training (!!).

money, guns, food, and chicks . . . something like that.

Jelly’s career is just starting, but she’s already been in several films, “big parts in small films / small parts in big films”.
her fave so far, a short film called, ‘The Painted Lady’, and she’s got a ‘hacker’ role in the upcoming, ‘American Thief’ . . .
she’s also excited about a short film she recently completed with SEBASTIAN SOMMER (Guggenhiem, Tribeca) . . “that stars up n coming trans actress/model . . RICHIE SHAZAM.”


ALFREDO . . with a prop gun.
don’t ever under-estimate – the hometown crew !!!

the saga of the man known as the ‘Real Fake Basquiat’, continues / this time . . L-O-A-D-E-D !!

side note: actually Chapter 2 re: fully loaded.
he was fully loaded to the hilt $$$$ / when he and Josh Harris got together in the late 1990s.
and, from whence collaboration sprang, ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’, the 2009 Sundance winning doc.

and, he’s still insisting, over non-stop brunch at the Malibu, and later 4 star Thai for early dinner,
. . that, yes !!
BENICIO DEL TORO, is def pegged to portray him in the upcoming, (and with breath held, eagerly awaited) . . . ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’ – the Hollywood movie.
(& I still can’t believe on that, not just the Del Toro bit, but the whole damn scenario.)

and, what’s wrong with me – anyways / how could I not believe him ?
and here, here’s $5K to get your Keith Haring out of hock, and the Uber is . . on me.