~INSTAGRAM ? . . who you ?

What, me ?

artlovers is on instagram, now: @artloversnewyork

where you can catch ‘gems’ from the past, as well as . . breaking news.
and my mood – of the . . . momento.
yes, everybody is a JOKER !!!!!
and comic book art – is coming on STRONG !!!

super looking forward, to the new fall season, and being able to send out – gallery pix in real time, esp from the un-trampelled underground. watch out.

currently up on instagram, from artloversnewyork: a golden, really silver !! flash from the ‘storied’ past !!

‘FREE PUFFY’ – a MARK ENGER limited edition silkscreen on black t-shirt, silver ink, 1999. R.I.P. Mark
collection: Nancy Smith

you momma was right – save your old clothes, they will always come back into – fashion.
well, come on, great art is always – TIMELESS !!
and way to go, Puffy. or what. falls into a hole, after swinging a kettlebell ?!! damn.
diva . . . does a dive !!
but, as for his son . . . poor rich kid, or what ?

and . . . speaking of mega rockers.

love this: “Cultured Couple – Jay-Z and Beyonce attend a WES LANG art show in LA . . ” – DAILY MAIL, JUNE 23, 2015


DONALD CUMMING, lead singer of (now defunct) THE VIRGINS, and WES LANG, currently of KANYE WEST merch fame . . . back in the day.
at a book launch for RYAN McGINLEY, NYC, Feb 19, 2003.

first publication: ART LOVERS NEW YORK – ARTNET, MARCH 2003, when WALTER ROBINSON was king, and Charlie Finch was the royal jester.