ha ha ha ha . . . .

I was wondering what was so, uncannily extra double funny about BORIS RASIN’S – ‘Happy New Year’ 2012 – greeting below . . .

well, it’s got a little teensy tiny bit of R. Crumb in it’s fancy party script – but more than that,ohmibatmangodz !! that’s it, yes !! Holy Batman – that’s got to be BORIS BADENOV – you know from ROCKY & BULLWINKLE – !!- in the caricature style.
esp the Khaddafi dude.

yep, him, BORIS and that loser Khaddafi – got those same heavy, triple lidded eyes !! check it out !!

bet BORIS BADENOV wishes he was brought down by a fan in a NY Yankee cap !!
wouldn’t have been too far fetched – for those c-r-a-z-y ROCKY & BULLWINKLE capers, not at all.
calling on SHERMAN and Mr. PEABODY, too. come back – we need you to change the world. and say, what. bring back: Mr. MAGOO, too !!

images scanned from: ‘The Perfect Plan!’ – an early childhood board book. all of 5 pages, incl the covers !!
the book has no date – but looks to be ca. 1960s ?
‘The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle’ series, published by Ward Productions. licensed by Universal Studios.

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show ran on TV from 1959-1964.

the series and characters: were created by JAY WARD – quite a colorful guy – himself !!