. . . well the island (aka Manhattan) was so depressing, the ART FAIR WEEKEND – BASICALLY BEING A BIG BUST – except for a few bright lights – that we thought we’d take our chances seeking inspiration & delight – as opposed to cheesy headlines, police brutality, and bad rip-offs – back over the East River – to Brooklyn – Williamsburg – to be specific – after scoring so well with that really fine NICK KUSZYK opening – ‘JAMMER SLAMMER’ – at McCAIG WELLES a couple of nights back. (more on that soon !!)

Madoff # 1

of course the new ‘WELCOME TO WILLIAMSBURG’ billboard – is this one: it proclaims, FREE MADOFF !
you’re free to make your own interpretation of just what that means, the best thing about art: freedom of thought – including your own !! but I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be ironic.
(at first glance I thought it said : FREE MADOFFI – as in rhymes with KHADAFFI !! …)
so cheesy headlines and commentary on rip-offs prevail here, too – must be in the air.
they do say 2009 – is – the year of JUSTICE.

Madoff# 2

in case you are wondering what that little scribble at the top of his forehead, says: it says – this !!

city # 1

city # 1A

but pretty darn soon – like in the span of 2 short blocks, political & criminal ill winds disappeared – like a breath of fresh mountain air, like Switzerland in Brooklyn – with the sighting of the newly installed, for Spring – plastic flower arrangements in re-cycled old tire tubes – at The City Reliquary Storefront Museum !!
(though is that a local streetwalker – we caught on camera ? oh, well, let’s just move on.. enough with the political/sociological commentary – let’s do the neighborhood tour – just for art !! appreciation !!)

city # 2

city # 3

city # 4

city # 5

city # 6

the museum seems to have a show up called ‘THE FIGHT FOR FAIR PRICE AND FAIR PROFIT IN DEPRESSION ERA NEW YORK’ – that runs JANUARY 30 – MAY 3, 2009 & which seems to center on: SPILT MILK !!
since the museum is only open to the public – SAT & SUN 12 noon-6pm – we couldn’t go in and find out – though we were certainly wanting too !!
read more about the show: here !!
note: “pivotal moments in the story are illustrated with miniature dioramas !!” – we’ve got to return on a weekend.

city # 7

the display features vintage glass milk bottles and lace doillies representing, milk, I guess. pretty enough.
(the white yarn spilling out & swirling around – was the ‘spilt’ milk – though it sort of reminded us of the ‘intestines’ spilling out of the R. Robots inner guts !! at NICK KUSZYK’S – ‘JAMMER SLAMMER’ – you’ll see, soon enough !! we’ve got R. Robot on the brain !!)

city # 8

city # 9

city # 10

city # 11

the other window still features the PULLEY COLLECTION of GAIL MITCHELL – but, too much sunlight to get a good shot.


c r logo # 2