~Maurizio Cattelan/ THE WRONG GALLERY

Cattelan-Mar 11.05

Maurizio Cattelan’s WRONG GALLERY will curate a show-within-a-show
at this year’s WHITNEY BIENNIAL, which opens March 2nd.

Occupying the museum’s 5th floor, the WRONG GALLERY exhibit will NOT coincide
with the dates of the biennial itself, but will open on Jan 21 and run through May 21.

News on the street is that the WRONG GALLERY will resurrect at the TATE MODERN, in London. (Its no longer on 20th Street, where it used to have its display window(s) next to the
old ANDREW KREPS location.)

Its also circulating that the WRONG GALLERY is currently fabricating small replicas of its
windows, including the ELIZABETH PEYTON one, for eventual sale in the TATE gift shop ?

Photo: Maurizio Cattelan, at the Damien Hirst opening, GAGOSIAN GALLERY,
Chelsea, New York, March 11, 2005
Photo: Nancy Smith

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Photos by: Nancy Smith


The Wrong Gallery actually opens at the TATE MODERN, today, Dec 21st !!! The Wrong Gallery will have an exhibition space of approximately one metre square, which can be seen through a locked single glass door. The Tate Modern tells us: ….AS the Wrong curators say, ‘The Wrong Gallery is the back door to contemporary art, and its always locked’. !!!

further: from 2002 … until recently The Wrong Gallery was sandwiched between two doors on 20th St, Chelsea, New York. In September 2005, the Wrong Gallery was evicted from this site, and the original door is being relocated to the Tate Modern.

Ann Coxon, Assistant Curator, Displays, Tate Modern will be the organiser for the gallery and the programme in collaboration with the original Wrong Gallery founders/directors: Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni and Ali Subotnick. There will be about 6 displays per year. The Wrong Gallery will be located on level 3, of the Tate Modern “within the changing Tate collection displays due to be completed in May 2006.” The January edition of TATE ETC will include a special magazine project produced by The Wrong Gallery, to coincide with this new venture.

The first artist to be selected to exhibit at the London Wrong Gallery will be Berlin-based DOROTHY IANNNONE (b. Boston, USA, 1933).

want more info …… Tate Modern