~John Pierre Lehmann/GILBERT & GEORGE


collector JEAN PIERRE LEHMANN wins a $1.73 million judgement against
dealer Christian Haye of THE PROJECT.

Mr. Lehmann is pictured here with his wife, Rachel Lehmann,
of Lehmann Maupin Gallery, at the opening of: GILBERT & GEORGE,
‘Perversive Pictures’, at Lehmann Maupin, on Nov 6, 2004.
Photo by: Nancy Smith

Gilbert bomb

British artists, GILBERT and GEORGE opened ‘Perversive Pictures’
at 2 NYC galleries on the same night, Sonnabend Gallery and
Lehmann Maupin Gallery, Nov. 6, 2004.

This photo is from the Sonnabend opening.
Photo by: Nancy Smith

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home page: March 31, 2005