~TAKA KAWASHI/the rest is total silence/ atm

Taka Kawashi curates

‘the rest is total silence’ – curated by TAKA KAWASHI – at atm Gallery – in their new space at: 619b W 27 – the show opened on JULY 6 and runs thru JULY 28th, 2006 –
note: the gallery has summer hours in effect – open from Tuesdays to Fridays only.

The show features an interesting and ‘light’ selection of work by: BRIAN DeGRAW (well known for his role in the NYC band – THE GANG GANG CLUB), FRENCH – a Brit, who is well known in London for his graphic designs & work on skateboard decks, MAYA HAYUK and KIYOSHI KURODA. MAYA HAYUK produced the image for the card. (above)

photos from the opening