~NANCY SMITH, SIMON CERIGO . . back in the day: Concordia Univ, Montreal MFA students

yeah, SIMON CERIGO, RIP and I . . were both students at Concordia Univ in the 1970s – and GUIDO MOLINARI was our teacher.
see: GUIDO MOLINARI-images

to put it in perspective, we were the ‘next wave’ generation to follow in the footsteps of LEONARD COHEN. except instead of poetry – painting, formalist painting – was the big scene.
it was very, very ‘happening’.

we were ‘maudit’ anglophones, so we couldn’t get too much action re grants & exhibitions – because we weren’t Quebecois ‘frenchies’ in our DNA. at that time, the early 1970s – that was a big big issue, so after graduate school, Concordia University, MFA Studio Program (we were part of the first ever graduating class, lol) . . . while, pretty much everyone else split to Toronto or Vancouver – we split to . . NEW YORK !!
and we never, ever – looked back !!!!

Simon used to haunt the legendary Lower East Side – Red Bar, and I used to walk the Soho streets with, who else ? Basquiat.
yeah, for sure – that’s how we rolled.

SIMON CERIGO, RIP. in Montreal – in the early 70s.

NANCY SMITH, while I was in the MFA Studio Program at Concordia University, in Montreal, in the early 70s.
yep, that’s me.
of course !!!!!! – I was . . . WILD !!!!!!!!!!

NANCY SMITH, trucking my portfolio around, Montreal, in the early 1970s.
they used to call me . . GUIDO BABY – I could be a big ‘FAN’ – even back then.