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this enigmatic message came in from our friend LARS MONRAD VAAGE of NATIONALMUSEUM !!


THURSDAY, APRIL 30th 1900-2200

NATIONALMUSEUM – Dieffenbachstrasse 37, HH, U8 Schonleinstrasse, BERLIN

LARS MONRAD VAAGE curated the show.

ERLEND HAMMER wrote the accompanying press release/essay:

“LASZLO GIRGASZ’S works are marked by a systemic and insisting exploration of a world that is uncovered, part by part, through a slow removal of layers that eventually reveals hidden connections that may be actual or may simply be the result of the imagination of a paranoid mind. While not formally trained as an artist, his works show both a keen analytical mind and a clear understanding of formal qualities.
Girgasz works with a combination of found and original material and what binds his images together is a sense of puzzling familiarity with content matter that is consistently foreign to most of us, not only because we don’t look for it, but because it simply isn’t available. It is unclear exactly how Girgasz has gained access, but it’s clear that he somehow sees things the rest of us don’t. His images are uncovered both through the intense study of material on the internet and more random encounters throughout his extensive traveling around the world.
In the series of works presented at Nationalmuseum, Girgasz starts out with the most fundamental of all artistic forms: the circle or, more specifically, the ball. Found images are manipulated to highlight the formal qualities that function as the spectator’s point of entry into a thematic web of meaning that is as puzzling as it is rewarding. Binding them together is an underlying realization that although we may not unconsciously understand what we are seeing, there is always some sensation of recognition. Beneath what we are aware of there is a tension, something that is constantly trying to find new ways of freaking us out. Laszlo Girgasz works with poking around in the grey matter that most often achieves such freak-outs in those who study it.”

YO !!
(ASAP – translates as: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !!)

UP-DATE: WED MAY 27, 2009

Lars sent in some great pix.
he also sent in some (very !!) brief – INFO ABOUT LASZLO GIRGASZ:
Born 1973, Oslo. Lives and works in Hanoi, where he is setting up a project-space for contemporary International and Vietnamese art.
No education in Arts.

lars Laszlo # 13
“And we got wasted as well”.
that’s the curator, Nationalmuseum’s LARS MONRAD VAAGE on the left, LASZLO GIRGASZ is on the right.

lars laszlo # 12
“Happy artist LASZLO GIRGASZ in the middle, painter EVA GROTTUM to the left, ERLEND HAMMER to the right.”

lars laszlo # 11
“The opening turned into a party.”

Lars Laszlo # 10
“LASZLO did a couple of talks about his works. Smiling in the right of the picture are painters EVA GROTTUM and OLAV CHRISTOPHER JENSSEN, it looks like they just got it.”

lars laszlo # 9
“Former art critic ERLEND HAMMER, (now a curator), searching for another layer in Laszlo’s art.
Erlend wrote the cryptic press release (above !!) for Laszlo’s show. He is currently traveling around USA for a month, to see the major land-art sights.”

lars laszlo # 8
“The All-seeing-eye, the object of worship of some freshly made religion that is growing fast, Hanoi.”

lars laszlo # 7
“A stranded project from the sixties, also Sudan, lots of Pan-African symbolism.”

Lars laszlo # 6
“The world’s most bouncy ball.”

Lars Laszlo # 5
“Leonid Brezhnev’s belly.”

Lars Laszlo # 4
“Shiny ass.”

lars laszlo # 3
“On the other wall in the show Laszlo had his mysterious theme with balls or spheres.”

Lars laszlo # 2
“In Sudan the gangsters have horses, and this is the typical cool pose.”

Lars laszlo # 1
“Peeing Yakuza in Hanoi, notice the girly handbag.”


wow – thanks, LARS !! its great to see what else is going on in the world.