~can’t take a joke ..


wow, I bet that older brother Boston Marathon Bomber dude was . . ‘set off’ by that March 17, 2013 episode of FAMILY GUY that made fun of terrorists and trivialized mass destruction at the Boston Marathon. see: Fox pulls ‘Family Guy’ …

though he was going to wreak mayhem, eventually, no matter what.

so stop censoring our TV.

looks like he had a real short fuse . . and losing at Boxing .. did not help.

bet .. he also murdered his best friend and 2 others on Sept 11, 2011, and left them covered in marijuana bye the way .. news which is just beginning to make the headlines. guess his friends were wisecracking over 9-11 conspiracy theories, or what ?
maybe he blamed them .. for his smoking too much pot.

just saying because ALFREDO also has a short fuse too.
or is it just .. MY JOKES.

I once cracked a joke while we were working 24/7 to assemble a show back in the late 1990s and no, he didn’t slit my throat, or bomb my hood, but he did take a sharp little penknife and grabbed my ear and was about to slice it off. for real.

I had to think quick. to defuse the situation . . so I said something art world related, knowing that was about all he focused on. “Please don’t make me look like VINCENT VAN GOGH” – got me off the hook.

losers. losers. and more losers. a joke will always bring a loser to boil.

not saying Alfredo is a loser, but he skipped art school . . on the way to the pro games.

welcome to the art world.

go through a first year studio critique .. haha that will toughen you up.

come to the art world and show your stuff to a dealer .. haha, that will REALLY toughen you up. you think boxing is tough ?
you think rising to top in anything .. is easy ?
take a chill pill.