~inside the TWITTER bubble, ONDI TIMONER .. does it, again !!

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‘We Live In Public’ filmmmaker ONDI TIMONER has produced a nutshell narrative on the history of a nutshell ‘rocket’ !!

WATCH: The Pivot That Saved Twitter, As Explained by ‘We Live In Public’ filmmaker ONDI TIMONER – video !!

POSTED to artloversnewyork by: KATE CERIGO – WED NOV 21, 2012.

Ondi: “Twitter wasn’t always a social network with 500 million users . . .
Find out from one of the founding team members, DOM SAGOLLA how this monster of communication was born.”
the video is brought to you by Interloper Films (Ondi Timoner) and FastCompany.

from the video:
“in 2005 when I joined them I was the 9th employee. I was head of quality, so I was brought in .. to be the first user.”

“to be a Twitter user . . is to be a JOURNALIST” !!