~Target First Saturdays/Photos by KATE CERIGO

KATE CERIGO, a 3rd year Graphic Design student at SVA (School of Visual Arts, NYC)
went with a whole group of friends from the Lower East Side – to the recent – JULY 1st –
Target First Saturday event at the BROOKLYN MUSEUM.
There’s free !! music, movies and special events, including a dance party !
plus access to exhibits – sponsored by Target – on the First Saturday of
each month, from 5-11pm.

Kate reports that the recent July 1st Saturday evening event was a great
party – and everyone had a really great time. They spent alot of time
in the ‘Graffiti’ exhibit – which they all really enjoyed – even though
the group of friends had very diverse backgrounds, and Kate was probably
the only serious ‘art’ student among them. Several films were shown including
Style Wars, the acclaimed documentary about New York City
graffiti writers, and Wild Style, featuring Lee Quinones
and Lady Pink. The night ended with a Dance Party, featuring
The Black Underground Show, which Kate said was the most fun,
after the ‘Graffiti’ exhibit – itself – which she ranked first – as the best part
of the night.

‘Graffiti’ remains up at the Brooklyn Museum until Sept 3, 2006.

Here are few of Kate’s photos of her favorite works in the show.

Target # 1

Marvin Ramirez in front of ‘Mr. Potato Head’, 1983, by Fred Brathwaite, aka Fab 5 Freddy
(American, b. 1959), Spray enamel on canvas, 72 x 9 in.,
Gift of Schorr Family, in the exhibit, ‘Graffiti’, at the Brooklyn Museum.

Target # 2

‘Untitled’, by Melvin Samuels Jr., aka NOC, (American, b. 1961), Spray paint on canvas,
78 x 96.5 in., Gift of Carroll Janis and Conrad Janis, in the exhibit, ‘Graffiti’,
at the Brooklyn Museum.

Target # 3

‘Geisha’, 1984, by Chris Ellis aka DAZE, (American, b. 1962), Spray paint on canvas,
68-1/4 x 70-1/4 in., Gift of Carroll Janis and Conrad Janis, in the
exhibit ‘Graffiti’, at the Brooklyn Museum.

All Photos: Kate Cerigo, ‘Graffiti’, Target First Saturdays, Brooklyn Museum, July 1, 2006

The next Target First Saturday is August 5th. It appears to have a focus on
immigration, and the dynamic & lively cultural diversity it brings to New York City.

Among the many events offered:

Ivor L. Miller, author of ‘Aerosol Kingdom: Subway Painters of New York City’,
will lead a tour of the ‘Graffiti’ exhibit – with a focus on “how immigration
helped make aerosol art possible”.

there will be 2 film screenings – and these look really interesting:

(Aaron Matthews, 2002) documents a year in the life of an immigrant
family from the Dominican Republic, now living in Brooklyn.

at 6:30pm – SUGAR CANE ALLEY, (Euzhan Palcy, 1983) tells the story
of a woman who tries to keep her grandson from a life of work in the
sugar cane fields in 1930’s Martinique.

THE DANCE PARTY, from 8:30 -11pm will feature DJ Reborn and Mary Mac
spinning music that ‘spans’ the Caribbean.

check out the museum website below for details.

note: although all the events are free – some of the events – due to
limited seating capacity – e.g. some of the film screenings –
require (free) seating tickets available in the lobby – usually about 1 hour prior
to the schelduled start time.