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SAEKO TAKAGI, acrylic on canvas, 28 x 28 ins., featured on the artlovers homepage week of March 27, 2007.

This is Saeko Takagi’s 2nd solo show at atm Gallery. Ms. Takago came in from TOKYO for the opening on March 23rd. The show is still up. running till APRIL 21.

the buzz on the street in Chelsea this past weekend was that: … “Bill sold out the show, or sold pretty much of the show, in the first week, .. or even before the show actually opened ..” Bill Brady actually has several pieces on hand that aren’t even in the show, as Saeko shipped him a whole bunch of canvases rolled up – too many to include in the show ! – ready to be stretched here.

artlovers was lucky enough to happen to walk by, just as the thrill of opening the shipment took place.

saeko unwrap # 1

saeko unwrap # 2

SAEKO TAKAGI – her new paintings arrive at atm Gallery, March 17, 2007
Photos: Nancy Smith

saeko & Bill in 2005

(archival photo)
SAEKO TAKAGI and BILL BRADY at the opening of ‘ZERT’, Ms. Takagi’s first solo show at atm Gallery, opening April 29, 2005
Photo: Nancy Smith

more archival photos from ‘ZERT’

photos from the opening of: SAEKO TAKAGI, March 23 – April 21, 2007
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