~sending out an S.O.S.

meanwhile back home – so, just what do you do . . . in a disaster ?

apparently you tag: HELP ME !! . . . Jerry ???!!!!

ok, when you were stunned enough by the THOMAS DEMAND ‘disaster’ show – at MATTHEW MARKS on W 22 in Chelsea, last Spring 2012 . . . you might have looked around, when you returned to the street to . . . to find your current bearings. am I safe ?

what the F ?
as in Jerry Saltz ? the art critic / truck driver ?

now that’s what I call – one salty . . . mother of an S.O.S. !!
I didn’t know whether . . . to laugh, or cry.
and yes. I WAS jealous . . .
but on the other hand, mine would prob say: FUCK YOU NANCY.
life is SO unfair.

I mean I’m into ‘skills’ – and Jerry is NOT.
I called alot of artists when they were completely off the charts, or just on the nano nancy charts !! – and it took years for the lightbulb to go off in Jerry’s head – if ever, to catch up. give an example: JOE BRADLEY.
I mean I did coin the phrase: pass the saltz – as in SKIP !!
but ok, if he got this – he must have done something to deserve it.
though I (obviously) still haven’t (ala NORA EPHRON) forgiven him for trashing, and derailing bye the way !! that great psychedelic MIKE PARE show – at ATM years ago.

but I did get close enough to check out the materials.
looks like some kind of super heavy ‘lego’ toy building blocks . . . like the size they might make for the pre-K / kindergarten set ?
nice. really well glued down too. neon.
damn, I’m jealous. S.O.S. JERRY – YOU’RE IMMORTAL !!

in fact – he was in great company too. the whole was was great. damn. damn. damn. the future !!
and ha.
kudos to DAN ASHER and ALEXANDER McQUEEN – future cops gonna be underwater (!!) Japanese babies riding . . . sea ‘horses’ !!
Hushpuppy meets Hello kitty ?

all the street graff & lego & wheat paste and making Jerry famous action – is taking place around the Chelsea landmark COMME DES GARCONS store. designed in 1998-1999 by FUTURE SYSTEMS – it’s still one of the most beautiful and mysterious and future-looking sites in the whole god damn city, more than 10 years later !!
and check out: COMME DES GARCONS – their website, this is VISUAL !! though it’s hard to actually get any INFO !! hey FUCK the info !!

so just how do you say …. oy vey in Japanese ?

in American it’s: Help me. Help me Rhonda yeah, get a piece of her heart !! NOT !!
and whatever did happen, to the summer of love ?
the New York Post is calling it, 2012 – the summer of blood !!?
what is it about (record) heat & the city . . . that spikes the stats.

meanwhile the New York Times is playing it on the low ball: ‘Drought Takes a Toll Across the U.S. – The drought is expected to worsen’ . . ‘Weather takes Toll on Food Prices as Crisis spreads across the Nation’.
help me, Jerry !!

and heads up !! all you graphic designers – and ‘info’ font specialists !!
they give a great map on Page A11: Drought’s Footprint !!
hey, at least we’re not gonna be – underwater, yet !!

of course New York City . . . being the global artist mecca that it is – there was also a Frenchie weighing in on the DIRE state of affairs, too . . .

wow. talk about your tortured artist !!
melanger/mix tout les ingredients . . . and what do you have: ONE BIG MESS !!

the poster child of the future – a wolf / boy – hybrid ?
in rainbow – no less.
oy vey – in hipster ? . . . just saying.
(just joking – calm down, Brooklyn. if Alfredo can take it, so can you !!)

here’s lookin’ at ya kid.
don’t say nobody warned ya.

and yeah, someone buy Jerry a drink. and tell him – it’s on me !!


UPDATE: FRI JULY 20, 2012 at 1:08 PM – & now, you can FILE THIS UNDER: HOLY BATMAN !!


as we speak: NEWS ABOUT the BATMAN MASSACRE in COLORADO – is just hitting the web – it’s termed: the biggest mass shooting in the US (!!) since . . . . 2007

and the first in a theater ?

where’s the joke in that.

for real: where’s the joker . . . better check your back.


the bad news is coming in so fast – you can’t keep up with it.


well maybe that was the break – in the bad news dept ?
the final catharsis ?

it’s interesting to note from an art world & comic book world point of view – the use of popular culture – as a platform from which to act out on violence. I wonder if this has historical precedent. I’m sure, yes. the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln does come to mind, immediately.

the biggest shock was for the movie goers to process that this was not 3D – advanced special effects . . . BUT the ultimate culture war.