~and . . . who didn’t make – the artnet summer 2003 cut !! Crack City, USA

left behind on the cutting room floor – a bit of a contrarian himself – WALTER ROBINSON didn’t always tow the celebrity line.
what the F, you cut: Marco Brambillo ?!! that’s harsh, dude.

on the right: art world hustler – KENNY SCHACTER.
with him MARCO BRAMBILLA, the director of Demolition Man, the movie – starring SYLVESTER STALLONE.

the event that captured 3 pix on artnet that summer of 2003 was produced and curated by KENNY SCHACTER, then based in NYC. it was called ‘ART BAND: A NIGHT of MUSIC and ART’.
it took place at CAPITALE, JULY 24, 2003.

CHARLIE FINCH, artnet scribe – scribbling away. bookcased by 2 beauties.
note the ‘knee’ action. classic.
don’t mind me girls, I’m just doing my job.

p.s. if Walter branded me: artlovers – Charlie called me ‘Crackula’ – ‘crack’ for short !! now you know, why !!
and btw: I like Crack, better. as opposed to artlovers.
Crackula, of course – is up there with dingleberries. the height of art criticism in NYC – ca. the 21st C. ha.

and whose gonna be shooting dingleberries, now, that’s what I’d like – to know. I’ll take one dingleberry, even if it’s going in the wrong direction !! over 10 pretentious academically anemic snots, twittering about work – we already know is no good, duh. any day.

from left:
EMMA GRAY, now based in LA, who was then the Features editor for Art Review, with Art Review’s then marketing Director, EMILY BUTLER, and, yes – that’s how marketing directors have to ‘present’. don’t get me wrong, she is p–r-e-t-t-y. pop culture journalist, CHRIS LEE is on the right.

MELISSA BROWN, one of her tree ‘code’ – time atravelin’ paintings behind her.

TAYLOR McKIMENS, summer of 2003. KENNY SCHACTER was a big early supporter of Taylor’s.
but Walter was not. summer of 2003, not yet for TAYLOR McKIMENS !!

early TAYLOR McKIMENS cheeseburger painting – all dressed !! but not making the . . . cut.
omg – was it those sesame seeds on the bun that gave rise – to the later ‘drips’ ??!!
art history in the making – on the top of a cheeseburger bun.
not to forget the . . . greasy hamburger meat droplets.

p.s. in the old Amish ‘hex’ paintings – those ‘drops’ – they added to their iconic rural American imagery, plastered on many a barn door – stood for: fertility.
raindrops, not. sperm – yes !! but, hush that’s a secret – don’t tell anybody.

TAYLOR McKIMENS hadn’t quite hit his stride, til he dumped junk food for Southern white trucker trash !! – but the seeds of his rise – were there for all to see, except that – this time they fell on deaf ears. the Robinson cut – could be so cruel.
but, how fun !! instead Walter posted a photo of Taylor’s then girlfriend MISAKI KAWAI !!

hey, whatever it takes to make the site rock n roll. . . learned it from Walter. it’s called: spite and cut.
aka . . . don’t believe your own press. he who puts you up, can surely take you . . . down.
that’s what they used to say, bout Walter. but, hey, also just between you and me – he beat Artforum, 100% pants down. 24/7. and, ain’t that the truth.

as for me, it was fun – being in the middle of that way sexy Walter / Charlie sandwich !!
hey, why wouldn’t someone who knows how to stitch, not know how to ‘spin’ – ?

case in point.
like Charlie liked to complain, and quite often. does the world revolve around Nancy ?
hell – yes. crack, so !!

NANCY SMITH . . . on the beat for artnet. NEW YORK CITY. NOV 2, 2002.
with SCOTT the doorman – at Gavin Brown’s notorious and long gone, and oft lamented – Passerby.
somebody grabbed my camera, I think it was . . . PETER COFFIN ?