JIM MANGAN . .’BLAST’, a photographic ‘picture’ book collaboration with KEN BLOCK.
the book signing took place last WED EVENING – NOV 19, 2014.
there is an exhibition of photos from the book – running at the gallery,
NOV 19, 2014 – JAN 15, 2015.

photographer JIM MANGAN . .

make that, hyper photographer . . JIM MANGAN

driver KEN BLOCK . .

make that, dare devil driver . . KEN BLOCK.

he says, Dashwood is his . . middle name (!!).

co-founder of AVE-A, photographer AARON STERN

though usually worth a 1,000 words, photographs cannot convey the beauty of the book. it was made to be handled, the proportions are just right. large in plane, but not too heavy, easy to handle, beautiful paper stock, superb reproductions, great rhythm to the turning pages . . . an absolute exquisite cover. simple, but functional graphics rise to the state of an art form.

from . . ‘BLAST’.
damn, am I the only one to seek refuge in this need-for-speed winter ?
the 2014 FALL season on the underground art railroad was such a rush, from ‘PAT’S PIGEONS’, through JOHAN KUGELBERG’S ‘DEATH BY EBAY BOWLING’, the huge heat blast of SATAN CERAMICS, under the rebel leadership of miniaturist – JJ PEET.
the rushing ‘Utah desert’ of JIM MANGAN + PETER SUTHERLAND’S ‘FLASH FLOOD’ at MUDDGUTS . .
not to forget ANDREW GUENTHER . . holding up as the lone, but blazing mind-twister traditionalist i.e. – the guy paints, albeit thought-forms (!!) . . on canvas.

from ‘BLAST’.

large scale photos line the small storefront gallery, JIM MANGAN took the photos from a helicopter, as driver KEN BLOCK kicked up a storm, and tore doughnuts . . into the earth.
JIM MANGAN, ‘Untitled #10’, 2014. edition of 2, 24 x 16 in.

JIM MANGAN, ‘Untitled #13’, 2014. edition of 1, 50 x 34 in.

detail, JIM MANGAN, ‘Untitled #13’.

JIM MANGAN, ‘Untitled #14’, 2014. 36 x 24 in. editon of 2.

detail, JIM MANGAN, ‘Untitled #14’.

speaking of which, PATRICK McCARTHY aka the Bushwick Pigeoneer showed up just as we were leaving. I could talk to this kid forever . . he always has a take, and he always is ahead of the game.
his clay work at SATAN CERAMICS not only held it’s own, among a roomful of much more seasoned artists, but his pieces had an mistakable and unique . . ‘voice’. that show was such a blast – there goes that word again !! I was pretty sure Patrick had sold some pieces, and yes he did, a couple of mini ‘coops’ and some zine tablets. and probably more, he gets going and then he shuts up, I don’t blame him, look who he’s talking to – but come on !! how great.
he said they sold 80, or was that 800 ?!! SATAN CERAMICS T-SHIRTS. I think that number was 800, though Kate heard 500, impressive enough, what he doesn’t say is – that he designed them.
anybody with half a brain, who saw his show, PAT’S PIGEON CLUB at Muddguts this past summer – could remember the hand-writing on the ‘walls’, the pigeon supplies, and . . his zines !!

from CARRIER PIGEONS to RACING CARS, now that’s what I call . .
A-C-C-E-L-E-R-A-T-I-O-N !!

ACCCELERATION, S-P-E-E-D . . is the name of the game on the underground art railroad.
FULL SPEED AHEAD, while the mainstream art world, and all that sluggish artforum gibberish . . all the same names all the time, not one fresh face, have no idea what’s – hit them.
choke on the dust . . wannabes, is all I can say.
losers, move over.
either you have the talent, i.e. the goods, or you don’t, and you don’t.
while the underground voices just keep on . . rushing in.
and taking over.
and watching it happen, is SUCH A . . BLAST !!
there goes that B word, again.
talk about a need for speed, what a rush.
gonna be a big body count, let me tell you that, EN Restaurant and all.
it’s all fake, and it’s all . . gonna fall. fail, whatever.
and . . it’s been a long time coming.
yep, EPIC FAIL about to happen in NYC – watch out.
yep, we are talking . . FLASH FLOOD !!
and let artforum with it’s stagnant writing, not to mention pay-to-play board game – be the first to go under.