Derek Eller Neointegrity poster

‘Neointegrity’ – a group exhibition curated by KEITH MAYERSON
JULY 19 – AUGUST 24, 2007

also opening THURSDAY JULY 19 was a huge group show at DEREK ELLER . . .
‘Neointegrity’, curated by KEITH MAYERSON.

A dynamite show, of over 180 artists – what makes this group show so unusual, is the top-notch quality of all the works, the diversity, and the way they were all positioned so beautifully. The effect is an unusually inviting and clearly thought out, well spaced survey, which carves out a huge space in what usually comes across as a small gallery space. Though it includes one piece from so many different artists, it comes across as a classical exhibit, rather than a huge free-for-all – and belies the incredible range of work to be found on the walls. This calmly presented, but inspiring and energetic curatorial vision encompasses the psychedelic to the pornographic, the expressionistic to the literal to the surreal, and goes from ‘green’ to ‘glitz’ and back again many times, reflecting a far flung and generous focus on art itself – with the inclusion of the whole gamut of art scene strivers, from the newly established, to the just-about-to-break-apart-from-the-pack to the total unknowns. The show had the effect of being really well thought out, and then really well composed once assembled in the space, losing no steam from the thought process – and one could move from piece to piece marveling at the individual visions and uniqueness of creativity.

The street outside the gallery was packed and excited, as to be expected from such a big group show of young (and younger) artists, but what made it so exceptional, was that everyone seemed to have (already) the excited sense that they had participated in a show that was a knock-out, and could bring the kind of attention that could move a young artist’s standing, a couple of notches higher on the art scene radar.

Derek Eller- Keith & Dana

DANA SCHUTZ, who has work in the show, with the show’s curator, KEITH MAYERSON,
at the opening, ‘Neointegrity’, DEREK ELLER GALLERY,
(July 19, 2007).

Derek Eller-Dana Schutz

a view of ‘Daughter’ , a painting by by DANA SCHUTZ, in the group exhibit: ‘Neointegrity’.

The poster/invite for the show, presented a vintage photograph of French poet BAUDELAIRE on the right hand side, and a hand penned script: “The NeoIntegrity Manifesto” on the left – every word worth the printing.

Drek Eller-text

Photos: Nancy Smith
Keith Mayerson and Dana Schutz; ‘Daughter’ Painting by Dana Schutz,
‘Neointegrity’ opening, DEREK ELLER GALLERY, July 19, 2007

BAUDELAIRE poster/images scanned from poster: courtesy DEREK ELLER GALLERY