‘A Member of the Wedding’ – ‘a curatorial project by Susanne M. Winterling’
JULY 18 – AUGUST 29, 2008
note: gallery is on summer hours – MON-FRI 11am-6pm

talking about BERLIN !! ……

BERLIN-based SUSANNE M. WINTERLING has presented a curatorial project featuring the work of guest artists – who range from bases as diverse as Canada to Norway. The project … “attempts to conjure the social networks .. in which artworks are created” – sorry, no disrespect – but, what’s that all about – ? – certainly don’t see it in the work, as presented. ” ‘A Member of the Wedding’ assembles artworks possessing an enigmatic silence, which upon closer inspection yield specific stories and dramas” (press release) – comes a little closer to the truth – but, to my mind – really reflects the soul & mind of the curator herself – projected upon – the individual artists – she has gathered together. In fact, none of these artists can hold a candle to MS. WINTERLING’S own work – and, I personally would much rather see one work of hers – than this entire assemblage. A cruel comparison: Paulette Phillips ‘Homewrecker’ screened here – pales in all ways – thematically & visually – to – MS. WINTERLING’S own videos. An even crueller comparison: NADIRA HUSAIN’S clay pot, titled ‘La Bouche dans la Tasse’ – to any little thing ceramic by Sterling Ruby !!

That being said – the show is presented in the gallery with skill – and offers a nice mental stroll or respite from the summer’s heat and drama. With special mention to KAUCYILA BROOKE, ENDRE AALRUST and DAG NORDBRENDAN – for the best pieces – which just happen to be photographic & archival in medium & nature.

. . . for a better foot-forward-substance-ready BERLIN product – recently presented to the New York City stage – thank Daniel Reich – for offering up the following 2 shows, and check them, out !!
and, see: SUSANNE M. WINTERLING’S debut solo NYC show – of last summer, ‘i’ll be your mirror but i will dissolve’ – AUG 13, 2007

oh no, come to think of it – I hope she didn’t mean that literally !!! SUSANNE – come back !!

Wedding # 1
DANIEL REICH and SUSANNE M. WINTERLING at the opening of Susanne’s curatorial project –
‘A Member of the Wedding’, which took place on July 22nd, 2008
the show runs through AUGUST 29th, 2008

wedding # 2
SUSANNE M. WINTERLING – “baby, come back … to me”

wedding # 7
SUSANNE M. WINTERLING – curates – ‘A Member of the Wedding’ – a cornerstone piece: ‘The Boy Mechanic/Cologne’ by KAUCYILA BROOKE

wedding # 2a
center: KAUCYILA BROOKE, ‘The Boy Mechanic’, 2008, poster

wedding # 4
black & white photos by ENDRE AALRUST

wedding # 5
ENDRE AALRUST also showed a sculptural piece – ‘Untitled (Martha Stewart)’, 2006

wedding # 6

wedding - ceramic
NADIRA HUSAIN, ‘La Bouche dans la Tasse’, 2008, ceramic

wedding # 8
frame from: ‘Homewrecker’, by PAULETTE PHILLIPS

wedding # 10
PAULETTE PHILLIPS’ ‘Homewrecker’ took on a more interesting life – when it accidentally screened on the passing guests !!

wedding # 11
PAULETTE PHILLIPS – relates that their initial, and all (?) correspondence was via Internet solely.

wedding # 11
approaching – a more interesting piece by PAULETTE PHILLIPS, ‘Untitled (ghost)’, 2004, chiffon, magnet, bracket, transformer and metal bracket.

wedding # 12
close-up, ‘Untitled (ghost)’ by PAULETTE PHILLIPS

wedding # 13
a really intriguing photo by DAG NORDBRENDEN, ‘Legend in My Living Room #1’ , 2006, c-print. of all the artists presented here – I’d like to see more of his work !!

wedding # 14
young designer, MARGUERITE MacPHAIL, recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, GEORGIA. on the wall, the photo by DAG NORDBRENDEN

wedding # 15
from left: CARLOS PARREIRA, MARGUERITE MacPHAIL, and BRENDAN LYNCH – young art fans at the opening. guess we have to take this opportunity – to say farewell – and, all the best – to CARLOS, who has worked at the Daniel Reich Gallery for awhile now, as he has returned to his home base, Portugal. we already miss you.

wedding # 16
AMIR MOGHARABI and, TERESA SAPLYS. Teresa is currently an intern at COHAN AND LESLIE GALLERY. AMIR MOGHARABI is the founding editor of a new art journal – FARIMANI !!
– a collection of works by artists, critical theorists, and musicians – which had its debut launch this past MARCH 1, 2008 at PRINTED MATTER. “Showcasing a diverse selection of work from artists, musicians and theorists, FARIMANI assumes the design of a book, while attempting to align its contents with the architecture of a curated space..” – PRINTED MATTER press release.

AMIR MOGHARABI lives and works in BROOKLYN – and is currently enrolled in the Critical Studies graduate program in Columbia University’s Art History department. He is already known for his art essays – most recently – his musings on the SEAN RASPET exhibit, ‘The Ones We Work For’, DANIEL REICH GALLERY, 2008.

wedding # 17
FARIMANI is published by HA HA PRESS, the 1st & current issue is 224 pages, and retails for $25. It is available at PRINTED MATTER, and at the DANIEL REICH GALLERY, as well as other venues. check out, the website !!
see: FARIMANI !!

wedding # 18
… artwork by SEAN RASPET. cruising FARIMANI, edited by AMIR MOGHARABI

. . . more pix from the SUSANNE M. WINTERLING opening post this week – including pix of – AMY GARTRELL & PATERSON BECKWITH !!