artlovers is on a bit of a spring break.

as opposed to full-on ‘break down’, no holds barred, & no names left . . unturned.

next post goes live this FRI APRIL 18 – with GREAT PIX from the BEN BERLOW OPENING.

now that’s what I call serendipity !! cutting edge curatorial reporting.

I will say this, it was a fine night, the work was extremely engaging, and very focused.
it had the breath of . . new vision.
it was akin to listening to, well . . live music in some small venue, and you knew you were coming up roses.
the small crowd was so interesting, I swear you could think you saw Shoshanna, straight from GIRLS leaning against her pals, and then turn around, and she’d be gone. LENA did actually film on this street, or so I’m told.
Greenpoint is so interesting too – just starting to really free fall tumble into next wave gentrification. with it’s good and bad sides – there is no stopping the force of ‘progress’.

afterwards we strolled over to the Lobster Joint for you know what, mean and feisty lobster !!

do I recommend heading over there, to see Ben’s show this weekend, yes – I do !!

BEN BERLOW, ‘Untitled’, 2013. acrylic gouache on paper. 25 x 31 in.
the price range is roughly between $1,750 – $3,500.
very doable.

ok. I eat my words – if you want to talk to me about re-vitalized ‘abstract’ art, well you can . . start here. lyrical, and yet most def smart.
single-minded, cutting edge – and lands hard, and . . gentle !! plenty full of ‘poetic’ narrative – with an emphasis on composition, watch out . . geometry at play. to the point where it’s almost . . music. I was gonna say sushi, but maybe that’s a bit too loaded !!
and, color !! tell me about off-toned color . . with a capital ‘C’.
no wonder DAN took to Ben, like a duck to water.

‘BEN BERLOW – RECENT WORK’ . . . APRIL 12 – MAY 18, 2014.

HRS: SAT & SUN / 1-7 PM