~LUKE TODD . . ‘FOURTEEN GEARS’ / 2 scoops of butter


@lukemichaeltodd: etch bath

watch the clip: video via Instagram @lukemichaeltodd

note: it’s super fascinating to see beyond an art work’s final production, esp re: those with technical platforms /
but, in this case it’s also . . like lifting a veil, and finding pure magic.
the warm, luminous color, and the thick liquidity, of the ‘etch bath’, contrasts so brilliantly against the end-product.
the cold steel, and it’s hard surface. and then, factor in . . how like honey, the etch bath moves, in deep undulating waves.
with a rocking, rhythmical chorus – heavily sloshing back & forth, within the perimeters of the container /
versus the hard-won, rigid & measured ‘turning’ movement of the teeth of the gears.
with nothing random in that final action, that purrs silently on the wall, plugged into its electric socket.
a warm, deep ocean vs. the precise clockwork of a . . large large watch.