~DAN ASHER . . in LA / up thru SAT JUNE 6

it’s interesting to note that the LO-DOWN . . . didn’t seem to know who . . DAN ASHER was . . ??!!

it’s even more interesting to note that they would give some, really generous !! . . . press, and warm encouragement to two young, 20-something first-time curators, KATE & THEO CERIGO – who grew up in a storefront in the hood, back in the 80s, and, now want to show the world – what it was like to . . .
“live under the volcano” – of the fierce, wild, and mostly underground creative energy – that had the Lower East Side on fire, back in the day.

of the 3 artists in their pop-up show that runs through this upcoming weekend, ‘Under the Volcano: Simon Cerigo, Dan Asher, Nancy Smith’ – DAN ASHER would be the one artist, whose name would be most recognizable to the art scene ‘players’ of today, the various. and diverse movers and groovers, who make the scene go round.

in fact Dan’s work has been seeing a steady, and in fact remarkably wide-spread resurgence of late, finding a new & growing audience, esp among the newest wave of young curators, collectors, artists, and writers, spurring a new-found respect, among the older generations especially with regard to his expressive, wildly gestural, figurative . . oil stick drawings.

case in point, and the other show . . I’d love to see in LA, after weeks of trashing the ‘bubbling-over’ art scene, down there – in the southern ‘parched’ lands !!
the water might not be bubbling over, down there, but the art scene – sure as hell, seems to be.

SO, if you are in LA, and quick on your feet, and in your brain !! – don’t miss it.
it’s not only got a way catchy ‘title’, just as good as . . ‘Under the Volcano’, lordy !!
and, an interesting line-up of mostly under-recognized, hands-on artists – and, some POTTERY (!!!!)
but, they’ve also included a really radiant . . and early, DAN ASHER oil-stick on paper, a New York Times newspaper page – to be exact.
I guess you could say, from ceramics on up, ‘hands-on’ expressionism – seems to be having it’s . . ‘on fire’ moment !!

‘What’s Wrong With We ?’
Dan Asher, Aidas Barekis, Keith Boadwee & Club Paint, Jennie Jieun Lee, Bruce M. Sherman, Bjarne Melgaard, Bill Saylor, Spencer Sweeney
organized . . by PIERRE-ARNAUD DOUCEDE
the show runs: APRIL 30 – JUNE 6, 2015
MARTOS GALLERY, LA – 3315 W. Washington Bvd, Los Angeles


note: PIERRE-ARNAUD DOUCEDE runs . . . GLOBAL ART NEWS, where you can also catch – some other great photos from the show, including another really, really brilliant, dark and brooding – DAN ASHER !!

and, a final last word: just because . . . I can !! and I feel strongly about it !!

SPENCER SWEENEY – the new DAN ASHER ? . . . I DON’T THINK SO – !! !! !!


ELI BROAD – where are your DAN ASHERS, not !!

DAN ASHER,’Untitled’, 1983.
oil-stick on newsprint, 22.5 x 14.5 in.

I wonder what – it’s going for ?
last I looked – Martos was selling similar Dan Ashers for, ballpark: $15,000 – $18,000.

KATE & THEO CERIGO . . will be showing much much bigger, never before seen, super early 80s . . DAN ASHER oil-sticks – in their ‘Under the Volcano’ pop-up show. part of their own personal collection, passed on down from their dad, SIMON CERIGO – who was a big, big, and very early collector of Dan’s work.
in fact, Simon was Dan’s first dealer.

unlike Walter Robinson !!
if, you read the art news, you know – what I mean !!
“yeah, and I should have bought Facebook at $12, too” – famous last words, Walter – !!