~15 WARREN . .

MILAH LIBIN and ARSENIY checking out Arseniy’s piece, detailed below.
but, wtf . . is that behind them, in that strange little corner ?
eyes a poppin’. . .

whatever it be – it sure is fine.
having fun. provocative, loaded, the enemy . . got invited to the party ?
is that a haute couture tank top, or a bomb vest ?
but then again, check out those baby blue eyes, and mighty fine brows,
an American-born infidel ? just asking.
like I said, how fun .. wtf ?
somethings are just meant to . . be.

well, there are always gamers and players – in a big street party like this,
but, then there are . . always – the JOKERS !!
the wild ones.
as in . . ace, crack.
give them half a chance, and they do . . run.

turns out, this damn fine strange wall painting belongs to CHENEY ORR, who is on the left – with some sweet help on the detailing, by TYLER CAVALLER, at right.

detail, bottom right hand side, ‘arm’.
which you would see in the photo 2 above, except some chick walked right into the shot.
and then the ‘owners’ gathered round. must be karma.
arm candy, ha.
more like, arm karma !!

but yeah, it surely be . . arm candy, too. painting-wise, for sure.

well, TYLER wouldn’t take claim for the piece, and I guess that means ‘concept’, not even partially.
he said, in his nice street cowboy way, that he had just helped his friend out, with the arm and the face.
I guess that makes them both . . right on.
Cheney being the fast joker, and Tyler is . . the specialist !!
everyone needs a wingman !!
and the best Jokers . . always know that.

well, if you look at the naked chest ‘modelling’, it does to seem to be a little ‘under-performing’, and we’d have to say Tyler must be a pro with the . . nozzle and can. or, paint brush I guess.
no diff in this guy’s hands. he can ‘model’. he can ‘fade’.
when you have an off-the-grid impulse, this is the guy you want to come in, and lay down the details.

I mean, look at that the face, quelle, quelle beautiful . . nice stencil work.
I’m thinking that’s . . stencil work.
it doesn’t matter how it ‘breaks’ . . it’s very very fine. nice w-o-r-k.
it looks right back, at ya.

jumps right off that wall, it’s . . a pop-tart. alright.

if I had a team, I would want this guy on it. live wire.
TYLER CAVALLER shows me Cheney’s ‘sculpture’, so . . damn if Cheney isn’t a ‘concept’ guy, after all !!
I knew it . .

the epitome of ‘having fun’ . . .
yeah, it really does emit . . beer.

TYLER CAVALLER and CHENEY ORR, with Cheney’s . . beer – ‘extinguisher’.

forget LENA DUNHAM and ‘GIRLS’ . . somebody should get these guys on HBO.
now, that would be . . really wild.

and then, in a couple of years, we could see them photo-shopped to hell !!
on the cover of VOGUE, photo by ANNIE LEIBOVITZ !!
I mean what about LENA, does ANNA WINTOUR not get ?!!!
answer: e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g !!

CHENEY ORR. JOKER. top of the deck, joker.
just remember when Annie comes acallin’, I was there FIRST !!

just ask MIRF !!

and yeah, when you drop my name off the media credits, and play up the wannabes who follow my ‘precious’ breadcrumbs, like some pretentious afterthoughts, INTERVIEW ?!! . . no, I do NOT come to the show !!

it’s called: hardcore.
live hardcore, play hardcore. opening to-nite ?
what opening.

cool is only as cool as your last chug of DREAM WHIP, just ask Lena.

though in your case, MIRF.
I guess that would be . . substitute mushroom for Dream Whip ??
you’re only as cool, as your last . . mushroom trip ?!!

in other words:

bro: don’t be a ‘photo-shopping’ my arm candy, translate: PIX – coz karma will always have . . the last bite !!


MORE PIX, to follow.