~small & smaller . . R. NICHOLAS KUSZYK

COSMIC JERKS vs the microbe.

so, um . .
I’m thinking the lowly, but tricky mosquito is just the ‘vehicule’ of choice for the ZIKA virus. could be, we . . are way behind the tiny microscopic things we can’t see. evolution-wise. maybe we are the Dinosaurs. and about to go extinct, too. well, in a century or so – with the way things are going. a century – is just a pin hole – re the millions and billions of years our earth has been around.

the virus – is the real animal / predator smart ass sitting on top of that mosquito and directing it – like it’s a one super tiny mini nano space craft. how better to take down mankind, than to manifest as small. we don’t care about small – we only are about . . big.

but here’s the deal. when small things ‘aggregate’ – and think as one community, a beehive, a ant colony – with one collective brain – than watch out: aggregation is bigger than big. maybe with social media & the web . . we ‘brain luggers’ are just catching up to a higher form of ‘wireless’ social – communication. telepathy ? intuit ? supreme connected-ness ? maybe they do communicate, maybe they do have languages. what do we know – we are just being able to . . see them. maybe viruses are the true life force, not just of our earth, but the universe. when our space ‘probes’ keep coming back with ‘there’s no life out there’, (yet) when our lowly planet is teeming, or was teeming . . with life. maybe they just mean . . as in our size.

so. the ‘aggregate – finger tip’ combo, that we call INFO – on the web says:
“VIRUSES are even smaller than bacteria and require living hosts – such as people, plants or animals – to multiply. Otherwise they can’t survive. When a virus enters your body, in invades some of your cells and takes over the cell MACHINERY, re-directing (!!) it to produce the virus.” OCT 24, 2014, Mayo clinic.


so talking bout unimaginably . . small, and the power of the small and the one voice, in the aggregate community . . especially if it’s a bold GRAPHIC design like this bug, or a razzy, catchy logo on a contemporary art sticker, lol. . .

the Wall Street Journal said yesterday in an article by ROBERT LEE HOTZ . . that two independent research teams identified 36,985 (!!) genes in the ‘pin-head’ sized bed bug. yikes. we are like dinosaurs. so big and so blind-sided by our natural range of vision.

further: “the common bedbug .. has infested humankind for so many that today it survives solely on human blood”. as for their adaption, mutation & evolutionary prowess / community skills: “Almost eradicated by DDT & other chemicals bedbugs after WWII, bedbugs today can withstand levels of pesticide a thousand times greater than the lethal dose of a few decades ago . . and the have rebounded world-wide”.
can we do that ? no.
and, in fact the level of pesticides (& antibiotics) we engage in the global pest war -is poisoning our environment & water – & most definite, if nor outright killing our babies, (and adults who get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time – when a careless ‘fumigation’ occurs usually in the 2nd world resorts we love so much, btw. google it) and most certainly mutating our babies & children.

in other words, these invisible no-head (?) warriors . . are turning our arsenal against ourselves. keeping the host alive but damaging the babies. go figure – predatory smarts – or what. in the art world, we call that kind of thinking: skills. creative skills.

further, “in the new genome studies, the researchers found more than just bedbug DNA . . (they also) found genetic traces of 400 different kinds of bacteria (on EACH single bedbug !!) . . that form a key part of the creature’s life-support system . . by providing nutrients missing from human blood.”
like I said, nano micro skills, or what ?!!

damn: it’s a little, tiny parallel BROOKLYN D.I.Y. world – out there, just one bedbug.

and, just one (out of 400 – of those bacteria, on each pin head-sized bedbug) . . “provides its bedbug host with a ‘cocktail’ of B vitamins essential for reproduction & development”. and let me tell ya, the other 399 ain’t siting around doing nothing either.

in a nutshell – pun intended, yes.

it takes 400 maintenance guys to keep one tiny bedbug up and running. we are basically talking . . a whole ‘village’ of trained workers on each bedbug.
and you want to know what infinity – means, lol.

tell me again, there’s NO other life out there . . so far.
we are such cosmic . . . JERKS.

R. NICHOLAS KUSZYK aka rrobot aka @rrobots
acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 2008.
7-3/4 x 7-3/4 inches. lol, tiny in the art world.

so in other words, if genetic scientists were ARTISTS !! – this might be how they would describe ‘400’ workers – on each bedbug.

get a grip, world. scale – is EVERYTHING.
and certainly not chauvinistic big heads with huge jerky brains . . 2 legs.
with limited nano micro eyesight.

leave it to an artist – to get it first !!

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