~JCP/A New High in Getting Low

‘A New High in Getting Low (NYC)’
FEBRUARY 23 – MARCH 29, 2008

This big group survey show – also scored a write-up in last Friday’s NEW YORK TIMES – MARCH 7, 2008 (by KAREN ROSENBERG). It’s the NYC expanded version of the original presentation. which took place at the Berlin GERMANY gallery – Artnews Projects, last OCTOBER 2007.

MS. ROSENBERG wrote: “Art made in New York since 9/11 is the theme, or rather the mood, of this 36-artist group show… With oblique references to the economy and to drug culture, the title suggests a citywide diagnosis of post-traumatic stress or even a kind of manic depression.”

artlovers was at the opening, alerted to the show by JEFFREY TRANCHELL, who had several friends in the show. here’s a bunch of pix from the opening, which took place on FEB 23, 2008.

High # 1

High # 2
(that’s gallerist JACK HANLEY behind him, at left of photo.)

High # 3
ASSUME VIVID ASTRO FOCUS, ‘hands’, 2007, hi-fi print & sequins, 50 x31.6 ins., edition 1 of 3 AP1

high # 4

High # 5
SCOTT HUG – always to be counted on – to have focused & twisty, most often politically pointed, work in any show he’s in . . .

High # 6
outdid himself, with this subtle, yet deeply provocative piece. MS. ROSENBERG was struck by it too, she wrote . . “Resurrected Pop describes the work (of Tom Burr…), and that of Scott Hug, whose ‘JFK’ (2007) pairs a black mirror with a photograph of President Kennedy in dark shades. One is celebratory (Tom Burr), the other mournful; both feel current.”
SCOTT HUG, ‘JFK’, 2007, black mirror, digital print on canvas, custom frame, diptych, each: 15-1/4 x 11-3/4 x 1-3/4 ins.

High # 14
TOM BURR, ‘Slacks’, 2008, wood, magazine pages, book pages, thumb tacks, gold mirrored plexi – also scored a mention in the NEW YORK TIMES as . . “celebratory” & “current”.

High # 7
JOSHUA SMITH – with a piece many were talking about at the opening – as being the metaphorical and tangible cornerstone of the show.

high # 8
a view of JOSHUA SMITH’S ‘Untitled’, 2008 – an Eliptical trainer coated in black enamel paint.

High # 9
detail, JOSHUA SMITH, black enamel painted Eliptical trainer.

High # 10
our very fave piece, among many faves !! in the whole show – so cool. a hanging light !!!
BRIAN CLIFTON, ‘I want to believe in something. My stepfather recently passed away. NFS. “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.” Self-stylization distorts a genuine personality. Feeling openly influenced by someone, and this being a sign of love. February 2008. My sense of self as formless and relative. Compassion. I enjoy nice lighting’, 2008 – hanging light, Dimensions variable.

High # 11
MICHAEL PHELAN, ‘Tomorrow’s a new day…’, 2008, (black) Glass rocks on the floor

High # 12
A. L. STEINER, ‘Surviving is criminal, modernity is pornographic’, 2008, 4 digital c-prints, various dimensions

High # 13
detail, A.L. STEINER, ‘Surviving is criminal, modernity is pornographic’.

high # 15
another MICHAEL PHELAN piece, ‘Crazy Time’, ‘How Can I Help?’, and ‘Hi Bob?’, – all images 2008, ea. 30 x 22 ins., edition 2 of 10

High # 16
frame from: SAM GORDON, ’24 HOURS In NEW YORK (The Lost Kinetic World, Volumes 1-12), 2005-7, i-Pod, cord, set of 12 dvds; index and text, edition 2 of 7

PETER COFFIN had work in the show – he also has a solo showing coming up, in fact opening MARCH 22, 2008, at ANDREW KREPS.

High # 18 A
TRAVIS BOYER and A.K. BURNS. Travis had work in the show.

High # 20
LISA KIRK, said to have helped organize the show, also had work in the show – she’s clutching her ‘bumper sticker’ – ‘I LOVE GLOBAL WARMING’

high # 22
at right, JUSTIN SAMSON. he had an installation of several components, which were assemblages and sculptural and very tribal in feel. they were brought to life on opening night by a (tribal) performance by LABANNA BLY

High # 22
JUSTIN SAMSON, the opening night live performance, intertwined into his sculptures – just beginning to take off.

high # 23
a better view of the JUSTIN SAMSON installation.

High # 24
detail, JUSTIN SAMSON, ‘Hall of Loss drummer’, 2008

High # 25 A
JUSTIN SAMSON – ‘Pre-atlantian Ritualistic Artifacts’, 2008

high # 25
JUSTIN SAMSON + LABANNA BLY – detail of the opening night performance

High # 26
LABANNA BLY – she made her – ‘pre-Atlantian’ – voice changer mask

High # 27
KRISTIE BROWN and GENEVIEVE KANMEL. KRISTIE and GENEVIEVE with LABANNA BLY, are the core members of an all-girl music collective – ORGY AZTEC !!

High # 28
gallery goers at the opening were encouraged to join in – this is Angie.

High # 29


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