CONGRATS !! to our friend VASCO NUNES !!

first: PLANET B-BOY is still playing !! in NYC !!
Vasco Nunes was the Director of Cinematography for PLANET B-BOY.
see: the original POST for details & show times/LANDMARK SUNSHINE/DELANCEY

second: NIMROD NATION, on SUNDANCE CHANNEL – an 8 part series directed by BRETT MORGAN and photographed by PAUL MAILMAN, WOLFGANG HELD and VASCO NUNES – was just announced as this year’s recipient of the prestigious PEABODY AWARD recognizing distinguished achievement and meritorious public service – the oldest and most honored award in electronic media. The award ceremony will be in NYC on June 16, 2008.

from the press release: “The sweet sensitive ‘Nimrod Nation’ received a Peabody. This beautifully shot, eight-part documentary series from Sundance Chanel takes viewers into the heart of a small Michigan town.”

Nimrod Nation is still running on TV, and you can download episodes via website.
The website has an incredibly beautiful introductory loop – exceptional for the still images & the haunting sound track.

check out: NIMROD NATION/intro

check out: NIMROD

Nimrod Nation # 1

Nimrod Nation # 2

P.S. BRETT MORGAN, the lead producer of NIMROD NATION is also the Director of ‘CHICAGO 10’ – which was reviewed recently an artlovers by JAN ALBERT.
reed her review – ‘CHICAGO 10’