. . . the first sense of the new wave – in the form of THE STATION/MIAMI, ELEANOR CAYRE’S huge 40+ artist fly-in, blow-out, fly-out hard partyin’ & rockin’ contemporary art, very cutting edge installation – came when we ran into NATE LOWMAN and JOE BRADLEY at the RICHARD PRINCE OPENING, SATURDAY, NOV 8, 2008 at GAGOSIAN WEST 24TH ST. CHELSEA. I think it was Joe who told us Nate was going to curate a blow-out show in Miami, for the ART FAIR weekend, and that he, Joe was going to be included. right away we surfed the web and found a website – for THE STATION – with nothing on it – but a P.R. contact – which we contacted, and thus manged to score & POST !! the first early advance pix !! we knew as soon as we saw the pix – the show was going to be a blast !!

see: THE STATION/MIAMI/first post/artlovers !!

Although, we knew of the co-curators, SHAMIM M. MOMIN and NATE LOWMAN – we had no clue as to who – the earliest PRESS RELEASE from THE STATION – referred to as: “THE PROJECT DIRECTOR” – ELEANOR CAYRE, was… except that she had provided the most striking quotes about the show’s mission – already quoted several times over on this site; and somehow we got an inkling, maybe from our own party-running days for JOSH HARRIS – that the quote unquote Director – was the real heat source behind the show ??

LITTLE DID WE KNOW !!! we thought Eleanor Cayre was maybe behind the whole show – but pegged her to be a professional Miami Institutional – Museum or Private Collection – curator/top administrator. turns out Ms. Cayre is a NYC home girl !! young, the real 30 is 29 !! – ambitious and super smart, as well as way cool and one-half part – determined & steeley – that’s a good thing !! – ELEANOR CAYRE is single-handedly – the new wave of art advisors and collectors, (aren’t we all collectors – who love art – and know when & how to get our hands on that art – whenever, and however – you can !!) She also seems to be an art activist – as witness: her first venture ever – THE STATION/MIAMI – now called an “ELEANOR CAYRE PROJECT” on the website – which, she did in fact – conceive, direct, produce and, more importantly pulled off !! in a super raw, authentic, and dynamo fashion – and yo, although the show she brought down to Miami had a cold hard-edge – it was really a fantastic focus – think NICK CAVE and the BAD SEEDS meets PANDA BEAR !! !! it was super NYC !! if she’s any indication of the new wave of art movers and shakers – to arise from the burnt-out no-holds bared ground – we’re in for a fun, and finally, s-m-a-r-t new ride !!

Eleanor # 1
we meet up with ELEANOR CAYRE on her return to New York.
SUNDAY JAN 4, 2009

Eleanor cayre # 2

Eleanor nate pouch
Eleanor shows us the THE STATION/MIAMI ‘goodie bag’ limited edition ‘pouch’ – Nate Lowman designed for the show. fun, or what !!