~SUMAKSHI SINGH . . . the green light that means: GO !!

when green is alive, and ‘bio-full’, and sings with the light of . . HOPE, and new growth.

and, reminds us . . of when even Persian miniatures – were of a most . . . BEAUTIFUL NATURE, even the fierce ones.

SUMAKSHI SINGH, ‘In, Between the pages: 2014’ – image via sumakshi.com
an “interactive, multi-media installation that plays with perspective to create the illusion of a manuscript book, in which viewers see themselves and others moving about as miniature characters.”

last year SUMAKSHI SINGH .. “worked on a 70 ft. illusion-based installation for the KOCHI-MUZIRIS BIENNALE, an animated painting for the INDIA ART FAIR, a projection based installation for KUNSTHAUS LANGENTHAL in Switzerland, and is currently in GURGAON, working on ..” her upcoming USA exhibit . . .

SUMAKSHI SINGH opens a new solo exhibit in the USA, SAT SEPT 26, 2016 – at WOOD STREET GALLERIES, 601 Wood St, PITTSBURGH, PENNSLYVANIA.

has just updated her website – it’s fresh, sweet. a time travel/art journey, for sure.
touched with an ancient ‘miniature’ elegance, as if a squeeze of lime was turned into . . pigment.
the greatest of empty spaces, ‘tiny’ illustrations.
check it out: sumakshi.com

flash from the past:

SUMAKSHI SINGH, at her NYC debut opening, Feb 17, 2006

the full archival photo:
gallerist VAN HARRISON, artist SUMAKSHI SINGH, friend CARL PETRUCCI, and TRAVIS HARRISON, at the opening of Ms. Singh’s debut NYC show, at the now defunct VAN HARRISON Gallery on 26th St in Chelsea, NYC.
PHOTO: NANCY SMITH, Feb 17, 2006.

the first, and only time I met Sumakshi Singh (and got to see her work in person) was at her debut NYC solo show: ‘Lumps, Bumps and Things that are Art’, 2006 – in Chelsea, at the now defunct Van Harrison Gallery.
the show held out a lot of promise, and a very light, light hand . . in both the painting, and the actual site specific installation – and esp re: a very ‘bio-beautiful’ – ‘future vision’ . . . for things to come.

the invite card for:
SUMAKSHI SINGH, ‘Lumps, Bumps and Things that are Art’.
FEB 17 – MARCH 18, 2006.