Huma Biennial 2010
artwork by HUMA BHABHA – image courtesy/ATM GALLERY

BILL BRADY of ATM – is pleased to announce that gallery artist – HUMA BHABHA – has been included in the selection for the upcoming WHITNEY 2010 BIENNIAL. HUMA BHABHA always serves up both a great visual and contextual statement – of rich complexity and superior originality.

but overall – the selection seems a little on the ‘strange’ art side of things, with a lot of the artists unknown to this scribe.
THE BRUCE HIGH QUALITY FOUNDATION is given a chance to show they deserve their recent p.r. – can they jump to the plate ?
DANNY McDONALD, best known for his work with ART CLUB 2000 – sprung out of the glory days of COLIN DeLAND and AMERICAN FINE ARTS – is a surprise pop-up. good luck, Danny !! ARI MARCOPOULOS rings a bell – and his participation should be both lively and pictorial. the big question mark is – GEORGE CONDO – what the hell – is he doing in the mix – can a slot in the WHITNEY BIENNIAL – be bought ?

watch: a brief statement by the 2010 BIENNIAL curators, FRANCESCO BONAMI & GARY CARRION – MURAYARI !!
it sounds more like an apology than anything else – not a good sign – for the first step – going into a big project – whose rep, in fact the whole brand – has been severely diminished, one could even say, squandered over a past decade – of very lame – outings.

you can see: an interesting take on the Museum itself in this video clip, 2nd option down here !! – and the 2010 animation logo – is swift !! but the naming of the names seem to take a dubious jittery second place vibe. these guys seem more scared – than anything else. you know – like when a pol or CEO gets the chairperson seat – outta default – cause no one else wants to handle the hot potato – of a sinking ship. but maybe, just maybe – their steely low-down – will hit a steely mark ?

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