Marie Lorenz

MARIE LORENZ, in her studio, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC, Nov 22, 2005
Photo: Nancy Smith

DO YOU KNOW THIS GIRL ? You do now. She’s profiled in an artlovers studio visit.

Marie Lorenz Studio Visit

Marie Lorenz is part of the exhibit, ‘LOCAL TRANSIT’, running at artists space til JUNE 24, 2006. You can see her full scale, wooden kayak, which she handmade from a kit, hanging from the ceiling, in a room of its own. If you look closely along the sides of the kayak, you can see the waterfront of Manhattan, which she painstakingly etched into the wooden panels, before it was varnished..

ALSO OF INTEREST in the show, RI WILLIAMSON, a New Zealand based artist, with a penchant for architecture & travelling, exhibits several small, meticulous & starkly minimal structures, made from powder coated aluminium, translucent film & a tiny white light source, which shines mysteriously blue from within the various tiny open windows.

photos from the opening

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