SEPT 4 – OCT 19, 2015

a few more pix from her ‘one-day-only’ . . vintage textile pop-up shop / Mon Oct 5, 2015

MARLEY FREEMAN holds up a vintage circus or sideshow or theater curtain / tapestry.

it seems to have been outlined in black ink, all by hand of course.
this is something those crazy American Pickers Mike and Frank, would . . go crazy for !!

you can see the original grommets (center) that would have held it up, at one point in its history.

it’s even signed on the back: ATELIER J PONTVEILLE . .

this variation on a classic Americana ‘pop corn’ quilt was interesting . . very utilitarian, a real rural farm quilt, and, I bet it was quite warm, as it is closely bound and stitched – from small scraps.
all of these facts would lead one to the conclusion that this quilt, plus it’s worn-out in several places, is quite old, close to cover frontier wagon – times.

there were even traces of . . the printed feed sack textile – that was used – on the back. the front might have come form feed sacks – as well, which were dyed in colors, and later printed with colorful plaid or floral patterns – to attract the woman buyers who used these give-away / added bonus !! 100% cotton textiles – in their quilts.
talk about – re-cycling.

talking about farms, there was a gorgeous funny, mint condition large piece of vintage printed farm imagery, ca 60s or 70s.
yes, time flies !!

the hoe-down couple was priceless, and you can see the vintage illustration style of that time – is heavily cartoon-based !!
light-hearted & happy !!

everything was light-hearted & happy – even the INDIAN WARS !!!!!
everyone – was a joker, and nobody even realized back it then !!
talk about history revision !!
today, that would be so . . politically incorrect.
like calling African slaves, imported against their will, on ships of immense captivity horror, “immigrant workers”, lol. yes – this is true !!
and, in a classroom USA history textbook – !!

getting back to purer & more simpler times, prob early 1900s.
not quite colonial sampler times, but still relatively early, note the red cross-stitch name & date.
‘red work’ was common when not too many color dyes were available.
the piece also includes that ‘pull fabric weave’ – border ‘stitch’ – I don’t know the proper term for that kind of technique, but there are many elaborate DIY handi-work pieces that include a form of this, at the borders.
or ‘negative’ space – put to good use – all ye grad students !!
ps: what happened to that name . . Odille ?
great name, somebody needs to bring it back.

this 1907 red work – was actually more of a ‘utilitarian’ sampler for the homemaker, as opposed to earlier colonial American school girl samplers, which we treasure increasingly . . this was a tutorial for ‘marking’ the household linens.

this is a detail of hand-embroidered corner – of a vintage card table – cover.
prob 1930s or so . . .

another corner had a lucky horse shoe !!
this might have been hand-stitched by a young girl, also as a learning project, as it’s not skilled, but rather clumsy . .
though the person who cut, seamed and hemmed the cover itself . . was an excellent seamstress.

but it’s still quite . . powerful !!
the swastika was ancient symbol found in many diverse cultures. it’s basic elemental interlocking shapes symoblized power, esp power of the household !!
and, so yes that’s why Hitler used it to symbolize Nazi power.
I bought this piece. ($25)

I was hoping this classic joker . . from the 50s said . . just one more, Miss Finch !!
that’s an in-joke. Charlie Finch, whatever !!

MARLEY FREEMAN’s textile pop-up is down, though maybe some remnants are still – on exhibit ?
but you can still catch her textile inspired paintings and a small but very amusing, and intriguing – tiny nano ceramic blocks – gathered in a corner. the show is up through Oct 19, 2015.

detail: MARLEY FREEMAN, ‘Blocks’, 2015
Dimensions variable – $20 ea. $800 for set.