from ‘spin’ painter . . to ‘spin’ doctor – in the flash of one lousy sentence by KIM LEVIN.

WALTER ROBINSON, ‘Self-Interest’, 1968. Enamel on canvas, 36 x 36 in.

the other interesting topic that came up was . . outsider vs insider art.
apparently someone had slung the term ‘outsider artist’ Walter’s way. yeah, and Walter was right to blow that off. I mean, how do you call someone who’s so deeply embedded in the production, intellectual & currency capital of the art scene . . . an ‘outsider’. he’s not an uneducated folk artist.
he’s just somebody who thinks outside the ‘careerist’ box. or at least – maybe he tries to follow a commercially-driven, success-calling – but failed.
just because, just because his inner instincts . . told him so.
and I guess that’s why we are looking at his art today, and not yours !!

looking at WALTER ROBINSON’s early ‘spin’ paintings.
when only one sold back in the 80s, he went on to become a ‘spin’ doctor – instead !!!!!
aka . . hack / chimp / reporter/ editor.

WALTER ROBINSON, ‘The Heart of the Climate’, 1986. Enamel on canvas, 36 x 36 in.

well at least they called you an ‘outsider artist’ – ‘they’ just call me an . . ‘outsider’.
meanwhile I’m jumping loops over their heads.
and trust me, bro – you are too.

you even began to wonder how Walter’s work even got into DEITCH PROJECTS in the first place, when JEFFREY brought up: “from an art dealer’s point of view . . . why didn’t you paint these larger ? I would have / someone would have shown them ?”
classic art dealer’s line from way back, or what ?!!

Walter just replied, “I dunno, that’s a lot of paint, esp when you consider it’s not just 6 x 8 feet, we’re talking, it’s also the square footage.” !!!!!!!

damn, if Walter wasn’t a bloomin’ Millennial, ahead of his time – and he didn’t even know it.

WALTER ROBINSON, ‘Untitled (Antonia with Red lips)’, 1984. Acrylic on canvas. 18 x 18 in.

Walter also brought up the word . . authentic. as in, “when I painted my daughter, Antonia – I felt it was more authentic”, and luminous, and crazy . . radiant !!

Walter just must have this crazy, tapped down inner life – is all I can say.

WALTER ROBINSON, ‘Untitled (Red Kitty), 1982, Acrylic on canvas, 54 x 36 in.

I still remember seeing this painting at a show back in the 80s – and wanting to buy it, but Simon chose another piece, a wild, and very dry (humor) still life with wheat or something . . just as good.
but that’s how vividly this painting struck me.

hello, kitty !!!!!!

if thinking outside the ‘careerist’ box, and giving voice to your inner demons & lust/angels . . is being an ‘outsider’ – well then, that sounds like a pretty good word – to me !!