GLENN O’BRIEN interviewed JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT on his cable access TV show: TV PARTY – way back in the day (1978-1982). what a great historical archive.

OMG – Glenn was sooo cute ! He was so serious, and way way cool – and they were giving him such a hard time. First Jean Michel, (note the mohawk !!) comes down on him for not pronouncing his street tag – SAMO – right. “it’s SAME-oh !!”
and then the callers-in.
if they were guys – they just wanted to know how to get into the MUDD CLUB. if they were girls they just wanted to hook up with Glenn !! so much for art content. but give Glenn credit for trying – at least he got the goods – Jean Michel – just as his star started to really catch on fire – but before he flamed out – on tape forever – and now on YouTube.

Glenn # 1
JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT on the left, and yep, that’s a young Glenn O’Brien on the right !!
p.s. SAMO – stood for: same old same old – shit. It was scrawled all over SOHO – big – at the time.

Glenn # 2

Glenn # 3

Glenn # 4

watch the clip: here !!!

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