~15 WARREN . .

this is SPENCER, I believe he is also a musician, or is a musician, but . . he made that large, primitive, folk art like woman’s body, from just under the waist, that towers over the exhibit’s ground floor.
it had a great sense of flair !!
but it was also, very . . ‘bio’.

it was huge.

it could be seen as a metaphor for the TWIN TOWERS, it could just be a funny folk art riff, it sure was way more . . your momma, the mother of all things . .
than your dream girl !!

but . . funny thing about it !!

somebody who works at, or is friends with somebody . . who works at the EAST HOUSTON, LOWER EAST SIDE, NYC branch of AMERICAN APPAREL – must have seen it !!

because check this out: American Apparel displays . . stir up CONTROVERSY !!

yeah, under the skirt of Spencer’s over-size . . . ‘mannequin’.

way, f-u-n-k-y.

way, fun.

so . . ‘bio’.

tell me . . life doesn’t imitate art !! American Apparel !!, as if !!

Spencer . . . nailed it.

in fact, there was not much nudity in the show, and thank the lord. and the 3 curators, for that.
so played-out.
same with ‘abstract’ art.
same with ‘performance’ art.

but, amazingly !!
JOSH HARRIS, yes – there was a ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’ . . . moment !!

and this great, raw, hanging Richard Serra-like structure . . was it.

standing guard – any guesses . . ???
it’s got to do with basic ‘bio’ function.
there are no locks, or latches,
but at least, it isn’t see-through !!

but, it was definitely . . ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’ !!

what, no toilet cam ?!!!!!

JOSH HARRIS, at the common ‘living’ area, at ‘QUIET’ . . the Pseudo-funded year 2000, million dollar $$ weeks-long . . total blast . . downtown MILLENNIUM NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY, which took place in 2 old loft buildings in lower Manhattan, specifically . . yes, Broadway and Franklin Streets. yes: Tribeca.

the huge, 99 resident artists, 24/7 live-in, ground-breaking . . party, art show / installation . . was open to the public 24/7 . . and, had surveillance cams everywhere. the digital, and uncensored, footage was screened in ‘realtime’ through-out the event, and most importantly . . on smaller / personal . . multi-channel monitors in every individual ‘niche’ in the grid-like pod hotel . . housing the in-house crew, and the 99 ‘underground’ downtown resident artist/participants.

and truth be told, a couple of live wire hookers, as well . .
well, did we tell you about: LUVVY ?

this raw, and crazy ‘reality’ footage went on to form the basis of . . ONDI TIMONER’S Sundance 2009 award winning documentary . . ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’.

JOSH HARRIS, is considered by many to be the father of live streaming reality / social media.
aka . . the guy who called, where the digital age was really, R-E-A-L-L-Y . . going to take us.

or, as the film calls him . . the “greatest internet entrepreneur – you’ve never heard of.”



MORE PIX, to follow.