~Tara DeLong/&/DANIEL REICH interview

Tara DeLong # 1

tara DeLong # 2

Tara DeLong performs at the inaugral party, Daniel Reich temp.Space@Hotel Chelsea, NYC, Nov 4, 2005
photos: Nancy Smith

What’s not to get about a hard core radical white hot ‘Lesbo’ chick … or as others have penned her .. a ‘feisty Mexican industrial’ – & – let’s not forget: TALENTED !! rapper & performance artist! HARD DRIVING! TARA DELONG performed with a back-up crew as feisty as she was … as well as half naked gorgeous ‘lesbian’ chicks handing out tequilla shots (very) freely to the audience. This was the inaugral performance for what was to be a short lived alternative art performance space run by DANIEL REICH in a back room, tucked away behind the sign-in desk, on the ground floor of the HOTEL CHELSEA – too wild even for the Hotel Chelsea, the space only managed to put on about 3 shows before it was shut down.

Daniel Reich -the man behind the party

DANIEL REICH – the man behind the party. Tara DeLong performance, Daniel Reich
temp.Space@Hotel Chelsea, NYC, Nov 4, 2005
photo: Nancy Smith

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