~I see London, I see France, I see Paul McCarthy’s underpants !! update: BANKSY HOAX

file under: old geezers gather in Paris . .

to celebrate contemporary art, gimme a break.

just bye way of comparison, to how dynamo, and relevant !! the underground art scene is in NYC, right now. not to mention that is also totally AHEAD OF THE CURVE . . .
case in point: the latest “duck, sucker” image from MATT LEINES, which just surfaced from Greenpoint Terminal . . and, from a bigger venue . . the SATAN CERAMICS show !!

it’s pathetic, but check out just how old hat and desperate for attention – the Paris ‘mainstream’ art scene is. dudes, re contemporary art, rule #1 – you are supposed to be cutting edge, not behind the curve by like, about . . 7 years !!
plus, it’s a real shame considering how much great street art generates out of Europe, and Paris in particular.

but who’s surprised, the biggest adjective in the old rich guys’ art vocabulary is: sexy.
I kid you . . NOT.
as in: that THOMAS RUFF, that CINDY SHERMAN, that JEFF KOONS, that Gerhard Richter, that Anselm Kiefer concentration camp . . is so SEXY !!
am I wrong ? no.


is it a tree, is it a plane ? no, it’s a giant anal sex toy. a butt plug – to be specific.
thank god somebody had the brains to take it down. FIE on FIAC, what losers.
they get all this press hyping how great the contemporary art scene is in Paris, and they . . put up a giant butt plug ?!!
it’s so . . not today.

one old geezer plays a whole bunch of old geezers for saps, or is it just another case of the emperor who wore no clothes ? beats me, but it sure ain’t . . cutting edge !!
PAUL McCARTHY presented his chocolate Santa workshop at MACCARONE in NYC in the winter of . . 2007 !!
that’s 7 years – ago.
and actually – the best part of that exhibit was the chocolate shop installation itself, including the multi-colored cellophone paper they used to brightly wrap the finished chocolate gift boxes. it was pretty cool, and I guess people in Paris deserve a chance to experience it’s magic, first hand . . but don’t call it cutting edge, call it a re-enactment.

the most embarrassing part of the gig – was the anal plug in the chocolate Santa’s hand, which only your typical horny old geezer collector found . . funny. ugh, grossness in the midst of great festivity, what could be worse. and chocolate yet, let’s . . go there. I mean it was a twist, ok.

I mean maybe, just maybe . . that was the point, so we gave it a pass, but not TWICE !!
and I mean the only other rock-the-boat show in NYC at the time was DAMIEN HIRST, and his embalmed carcasses, so . . !! pick your poison. hazmat suits vs. not a gift for children, even from your pervvy uncle ?

the only CUTTING EDGE aspect to the whole thing – was how fast it got taken down !!
and apparently with NOT too much fuss, either – from the authorities.
and you wonder why the fundamentalist hordes, think we should be wiped from the face of the earth. I mean maybe as a symbol of western cultural excess, it should be re-inflated, oh give me a break – it was awful.

read: ‘Giant sculpture resembling a sex toy dismantled in Paris’ – NEW YORK POST.

p.s. as for LONDON . .

the last great thing to come out of LONDON – was the ALEXANDER McQUEEN exhibit at the MET, several years ago.

UP-DATE: OCT 20 / OCT 22, 2014

oops, MY BAD !! I had forgot about BANKSY !!

turns out his arrest was a hoax – that’s what I was thinking, London is too small, if they had wanted to arrest him they would have years ago, which is an interesting question on it’s own. funny about the hoax timing, just to be reminded of Banksy, like that ?!!

too bad the PAUL McCARTY butt plug – wasn’t. a hoax.

I wonder if they had to get a permit to put that inflatable ‘sex toy’ up in the first place ?
I wonder if FIAC submitted a pre-installation sketch ? or did they just tell the Parisian powers that be – they were putting up a ‘modern’ art – Xmas tree !! I mean, I don’t don’t think they would have come clean and said . . we are installing a giant sex toy ?!!

the amazing thing was that it came down, and so fast.

LONDON vs PARIS, so exciting !! who knew.