~TEKSERVE/15 sec iPod tumble


our first and favorite sponsor, TEKSERVE, the fabled ‘Mac’ Store on 23rd Street, made art & tech history with their first ever 15 second ipod ‘loop’ (to call it an ‘ad’ would be a grave injustice, but that’s what it was). An inspired bit of live action, involving hundreds of iPods, filmed at the store, and produced by real TEKSERVE employees, who more often, than not, are talented artists, musicians, writers, and cameramen, as well as tech wizs, on their day job, – it was on the ‘net’ – almost the minute they hit the finished button.

you can still see it on: gizmodo

The brainchild of TEKSERVE’S DICK DEMENUS, over 60,000 dollars worth of iPods were lined up and fall domino style in the store, in a path leading up to the iPod sales counter. The rapid click click click as they hit the ground is one of the best parts. The seamless, 15 second, loop, feels like an animation, but is totally live action. It will be (literally) huge when it is screened on the 15 x 30 foot giant LED screens at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN:
MAY 1 – JULY 30, 2006 – so there’s still time to catch it, large scale, if you are in the area.