changing gears – 360 !!
caught STO and ELI of the 2 man Brooklyn noise band – dubknowdub – hauling their DIY musical gear – through the streets of Williamsburg, last week – in their tech savvy tour ‘van’ – over to a gig, at Monster Island . . .
dubknowdub – no doubt – just for the very cutting edge – or the very brave – but hey – enough PAGE SIX – and – “she spends $257,000 per month – including $50,000 on new clothes alone” – !! if only, and as if !!
wow, could we make the art scene rock – with that kinda dough !!
(and we don’t mean Maurizio Cattelan.)

you can check them out, here: dubknowdub/mySpace

STO and ELI of dubknowdub – on their way to a gig at Monster Island.

me and Kate – were on our way to see the very last NYC screening of – RADIANT CHILD !!

but after running into Sto – we stopped by – to check out the new works – at SECRET PROJECT ROBOT – aka – MONSTER ISLAND !!