~SIMON CERIGO, one more look at the work . . .

oh boy, I can just hear it, now.
now . . . they gonna be acallin’ me: CRACK THE WIDOW – !!
oh my god.

KATE CERIGO helps move her dad’s large paintings.
yes, I knit her hat and her sweater . . . but, of course !!

FILE UNDER: “yes, I am still here, and I am watching over you, Kate … love, Simon”.

it’s funny how life lines up. it’s supposedly such a random universe we live in, or . . . what ?
Simon’s longtime storage arrangement for his largest canvases – expired the same week, he did.
the upside was, as we moved them – we got to see works of his that hadn’t seen the light of day for a decade or so, at least.

SIMON CERIGO, ‘untitled with model airplane’, ca 1996-98.
acrylic paint on canvas, t-shirt, model airplane.
estimate size to be: approx. 8 x 8-1/2 ft.

as you can see Simon’s work evolved into a great eloquent … clarity. his canvases became more and more dependent on draftsmanship, as opposed to over-all expressionistic activity.

Simon loved to build models, esp of military tanks and airplanes – and then, often he would attach them to his canvases.

SIMON CERIGO, ‘MOEBIUS’, ca. 1996-98. acrylic paint, t-shirt & small action figures.
approx: 8 x 8-1/2 ft.

Simon never lost his love for comic books, and Moebius in particular – was a big influence on his artistic vision.

SIMON CERIGO, ‘SAMURAI’, ca 1996-98, acrylic paint, t-shirt on canvas.
approx: 8 x 8-1/2 ft.

Simon was really into Japanese art, not only it’s aesthetic, but it’s historical & folklore ethos. he esp loved the ‘sadness’ and drama of SAMURAI movies. he has left behind, almost a complete DVD collection of every one ever made. believe it. from AKIRA KUROSAWA’S ‘RAN’, Kate was named after the heroine, Kayde – to ‘Sword of the Beast’ by HIDEO GOSHA.

SIMON was also obviously way into T-SHIRTS, and the evolving cult of the mass produced & easily printed t-shirt that was just springing up – in the 80s. band t-shirts, esp. he was always way ahead of the curve, way ahead of the game.

SIMON CERIGO, ‘Robin’, ca 1996-98. acrylic paint, t-shirt.
approx: 8 x 8-1/2 ft.
this one was very abstracted. . . .

detail, SIMON CERIGO, ‘Robin’.
it was the sheer poetic-ness of his faces – that always fascinated me.

SIMON CERIGO, ‘KEITH HARING – SAILOR BOY’, acrylic on canvas with T-SHIRT. ca 1996-98.
4 x 4-1/2 ft.

in the face of … real art.
I surrender.

SIMON went to almost every opening there was, every night, week, after week his whole life . . but esp back in the 80’s and 90’s when the scene was way more concentrated and young artists … like KEITH HARING and JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT . . were busting out. we were both at the legendary East Village FUN GALLERY – for Keith’s very first NYC shows.
Simon’s work also reflected the ongoing dialog, he maintained with friends, and within his own thoughts – with what was: super hot and happening . . . all around him. all the time, 24/7.

but there was also an underlying formal awareness to his work – that surpassed all the dialog.
he loved to get acrylic paint down to ‘watercolor’ effect . . .
my son just told me, Simon always told him . . . he loved my watercolors so much, that he was always trying to get … there.

he was acutely aware of all the compositional elements .. and brought them to state of play at once, casual … and yet, very very elegant.

yes, that is ANDY WARHOL’S signature printed down the right-hand the side of the t-shirt. I guess it signifies that he, ANDY painted the shirt’s image of Haring.
it reminds me of an early opening in the 80s, when Simon approached Andy … and had him sign his t-shirt, that he, Simon was wearing. and no, alas, I don’t know where it is – anymore.
slipped through the cracks, just like Simon.